How to open a Java file

Open and use the JAR file: It's that simple


While JAR is not the most common format, you may encounter such a file. You need a specific program so that you can open and use them.

How to open a JAR file

The cornerstone of being able to open a JAR file is that you have the right Java program. This is because a JAR file is a Java archive and often contains multiple Java files.
  1. Programs with which you can open a JAR file are WinRAR, WinZIP or 7zip. Access to these programs is free of charge.
  2. Download software of your choice, such as WinRAR.
  3. Now open your Java program with which you want to open the JAR file.
  4. Drag your JAR file into the program window or click on "File" in the menu and then on "Open".
  5. So that you can not only open the file, but also execute it, it is necessary that you have installed the Java Runtime Environment.
  6. After opening the file within the Java program, double-click on a contained Java file and the program will now open it automatically.

Is a JAR file a ZIP folder?

In principle, a JAR file and a ZIP folder are absolutely comparable, since both variants are a compressed storage format for several files. However, you can only save Java files as ZIP files if you change the file format beforehand. However, you can ensure that everyone can open your files.

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