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10 tips for a successful fantasy football draft

For many owners, the Fantasy Draft is the highlight of a season that is unfortunately far too short. The motto is still that you don't win your league with the draft, but you can of course create a good starting position. So that you are well prepared for the start of the season, we give you 10 tips for a successful fantasy draft.

1. Draft as late as possible

Yes, we all know it: the offseason is long and we can't wait for the new NFL season to start. And of course we want to do our Fantasy Drafts as soon as possible. For redraft leagues, however, it is advisable to draft the draft as soon as possible before the start of the season.

The training camps and the preseason games are often overshadowed by injuries that affect your fantasy team. To avoid this, we advise you to wait at least for the roster cuts on the weekend before the first NFL game. Here, too, decisions can be made that can mess up the structure of a fantasy team.

2. Know your league settings

The league settings are an essential part of a successful draft strategy. Above all, the roster composition and the scoring rules play a central role.

Depending on how many players in a position group you have to start each week, the draft value of the players concerned changes. So think about which positions you should take up early and which players will give you the greatest advantage in your flex spots.

Scoring is also crucial for your pick. Because depending on the attitude, the players are of different value. Running backs who are heavily involved in the passing game give you a big advantage in PPR leagues, for example - the receivers could be a better choice in the middle rounds.

3. Preparation is everything

If you want to compete in your league with ambitions, you cannot avoid a certain amount of preparation time. Because: even if you don't win your league on draft day - you can lose ground. So ask yourself questions like "Which studs are injured?", "Which sleeper is on the go?" And "What strategy do I follow in the draft?"

Our site offers you a few options for preparing the draft (including this article, rankings and draft strategies). Just browse around and you will find what you are looking for.

4. Use rankings, tiers and targets

Rankings are your best friend in the draft. You can find rankings on many different fantasy football sites (of course you can also use our redraft rankings) or you can create your own. That would of course be the best preparation, but it requires a bit of experience and, above all, time.

It is advisable to create so-called "tiers" within the rankings. In other words, you group players on roughly the same level. This makes it easier for you to choose in the draft, for example if you have the choice between a tier 3 running back and a tier 2 receiver.

Since you usually know your draft position in advance, you can look for players for each round that you want to secure - so-called targets. Of course, you can also choose several players in order to quickly have a suitable alternative if plan A is no longer possible. This makes it easier for you to keep a cool head within the short draft time and not to panic.

5. Avoid having many players on the same team

Drafting a lot of players from an NFL team always runs the risk of being too dependent on them. If it performs the way you hope it will, hardly anyone can stop you. But in the NFL, a team can turn into completely opposite from one week to the next, and then it becomes very difficult for you.

This also applies to players from your favorite team. Because who doesn't know it? You have the choice between a Stud and a good player from your favorite team ... Here you should always put emotions aside and decide in favor of Stud.

6. Do not overdraw QBs and TEs

Quarterbacks and tight ends are often overdrafted, especially by beginners. Normally there are 2-3 TEs / QBs that stand out from the crowd and the rest of the starters line up with a similar number of points. So don't panic when the first QBs / TEs leave the board. Always keep in mind that there are 32 Starting QBs / TEs in the NFL, but only 8-14 can start in your league and hardly anyone bothered to draft a backup QB / TE.

7. Mock drafting!

Before you face a real fantasy draft, you should first practice or simulate drafts. Mockdrafts are perfect for discovering and testing strategy. This either goes against the computer, or you grab a bunch of buddies and do it together.

You can do mock drafts at fantasypros, nfl.com or espn, among others. If you don't have anyone who would like to mock-draft with you, you can also draft against the ADP or other automatically generated lists. However, these do not simulate the real fantasy draft as well as a draft against other people.

8. Know your teammates

It's good to know who you're playing fantasy football with. Especially the draft spots in your immediate neighborhood have an impact on your own draft. Knowing which players are likely to get off the board before you can help prepare for them. Therefore, pay attention to the favorite teams of your fellow players, whether they are beginners or experienced fantasy players and you have been playing together for a long time. You can also try to plan the knowledge of which strategies have been used in the past and which players the other owners like in your draft. All of this can help you get a better draft result.

9. Use the queue function

As soon as the draft has started (if it isn't even possible earlier) you should queue up the players you would be drafting next. Of course, the targets from point 4 are particularly suitable here, but also players that you have ranked significantly higher. So you always have an overview, no player can slip through you and you save yourself the stress of scrolling through a system-generated ranking while the clock is running down, only to then panic peck a player you actually didn't want.

10. Always check the news

During the time around the Fantasy Draft, Twitter, or any other source of information of your choice, should be your best friend. Even while the draft is running, you should keep an eye on the newsfeed in order to be aware of any injuries, trades or career endings in good time.

If you keep these tips in mind and prepare well, you are well prepared for the Fantasy Draft. We wish you a lot of success and, above all, fun.