How can we ban drones in the city center?

Drones law in Germany: you need to know that

Flying a drone: drone driver's license

If your drone weighs more than 2 kg, you must be able to provide proof of a drone driver's license or flight customer certificate. Conveniently, this can now also be purchased online on the website of the German Model Aviation Association. It is very unlikely that you will fail your driving license, as in case of doubt the questions are simply repeated until you answer them correctly. A fee of approximately 27 euros is due for the driver's license.

Flying a drone: mandatory labeling

You must label your drone if it weighs more than 250 grams. This means that you have to label your device with your full name and address. The drone license plate must be legible and fireproof. You can use an aluminum badge for this, for example. However, you do not have to register your drone before it can be used.

EU-wide drone laws

For some time now, regulations for drones that are to apply throughout the EU have been in the works. In July 2020 these will finally come into force. The drones then have to be divided into classes according to their technical properties. Flight maneuvers should also be divided into classes. In addition, an EU-wide registration requirement is planned, provided that a certain ascent weight is reached. The subtleties of these regulations have not yet been worked out.

The regulations that restrict the use of drones in Germany are intended to protect the privacy and security of the population. But do we also need laws that restrict the use of robots? We asked an expert in digital law about this topic.