Which BTS member is the most sociable

Is BTS V Really “Shy”?

At last year's Grammy Awards (62nd Grammy Awards / 2020), the BTS V was much discussed, especially by American fans, as her beautiful wavy black hair and black turtleneck match her black suit. Aside from V's great graphics, there was one other topic that was discussed. Before, after and during the BTS V Awards, he always said “I'm a little shy”. In fact, his looks weren't quite that shy. As you can see in the video below, when V says he's shy, Jimin grabs V's collar with one hand as if to say, "Come on, dude."

BTS members celebrated after the Grammy Awards ceremony. In each case, all members shared their feelings and thoughts. When it came to Taehyung, he said, “I wish everyone luck. I am a little shy. However, I want to say that I love you ARMY. " Again, V had a shy word. We don't know if V is saying this because of the beauty of the intonation he creates when he says the phrase “I'm a little shy” at this time, or because he is really shy. However, we think that like Jimin, V is not very shy or even extroverted. When BT's members met with an ARMY as part of the You Quiz On The Block program, organized exclusively for BTS over the past few weeks, V became the most sociable and closest ARMY member.

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