Is love still available

Tickets are still available at the box office: 12th Ambient Festival "Civilization of Love" (September 10th to 12th)


Cologne. The 12th ambient festival "Civilization of Love" should have celebrated its comeback in March after a long break under the motto: "RE SUR REC TIO" (Latin for resurrection). After the corona-related cancellation, it will now take place with a corona-compliant concept from September 10th to 12th with a modified program, some new sound artists and extended to two churches - St. Apostles and Heart of Jesus - Corona-compliant as: "RE SUR REC TIO 2.0 ".

Projects from electronics to classical music to choral music expand the spectrum of purely electronic ambient music. The program sequence has been significantly straightened out, leaving “more air” - in the churches and in the open air. Each performance takes place twice, so that festival visitors can experience two performances at two different locations per evening. An “Ambient Walk”, which is specially designed, connects the two parts of the concert.


Social action: Free concert for special guests


The "Ambient Garden Concerts" are aimed at invited guests who are to be given a special concert experience with free admission - as a social component of the Ambient Festival. Three artists of the festival (Kai Schumacher, Lubomyr Melnyk and Martin Kohlstedt) give a short piano concert with around 40 listeners. The concerts take place in the green inner courtyard of St. Aposteln. The series of events is moderated together with the supporters of the Evangelical Church in Cologne-Mülheim as an ecumenical joint project. The places for the event are allocated by organizations in Cologne that work with socially needy people and refugees.

"Corona has changed everything - including the 12th Ambient Festival," says Dietmar Saxler, the festival's artistic director. “It was refined in terms of content and expanded spatially to the neighboring church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Zülpicher Platz. So the virus doesn't just have that
Digitization, but also accelerates the progression of the "civilization of love" and thus makes it fit for the future. "

Participating artists: Jessica Ekomane / John Kameel Farah / Kai Schumacher / Phillip Schulze / Lubomyr Melnyk / Klaus Fiehe / Wolfgang Voigt / Tobias Thomas / Angelica Summer / Martin Kohlstedt / Francesco Cavaliere / Sven Helbig / Kammerchor fiat ars

Information and program as well as tickets are available online through the website
All tickets already purchased for March remain valid.


For spontaneous people, there is one at both churches (Heart of Jesus and St. Apostles) Box office for the last available tickets. Due to the registration required due to Corona, please appear there a little earlier.

Ticketing continue also in the ticket shop.