Are there outlet malls in Taipei

Shopping in Taipei

Like every major Asian city, Taipei offers endless opportunities to convert your money into goods.

There are several large shopping malls. But these malls are quite a new decision for Taipei, because they have only emerged in the last few decades. In these malls you can find luxury goods (Taipei 101), small items and cheap shoes / clothing (Station Front Metro Mall, Zongshan Metro Mall) to "normal" shopping (Taipei City Mall, K Mall (Eslite Taipei Station)) everything your heart desires. Everyone should find something here!

The prices in Taipei are mostly around the European level, but not as expensive as in Germany. Sports shoes / clothing and branded clothing usually cost less than in Germany. Particularly noticeable at the time of the World Cup: the German World Cup jersey from Adidas costs the equivalent of EUR 60 instead of EUR 80 in Germany. By and large, this price difference can be observed for all western consumer goods, all of which are a bit cheaper but not as cheap as you know from other Asian cities. On the other hand, compared to China, you are very safe from plagiarism in all official business.

At the night markets it looks a bit different, but since no brands are sold here you always know that it is not branded goods. But when you see the sports shoes in the Adidas design with 4 stripes or the backpacks that look confusingly similar to those from Eastpack but do not wear the "Eastpack" label, then it is already clear what kind of goods are being traded here. But the prices are very good / cheap here, so you can definitely buy clothes and shoes there, even if the quality is not as good as the real branded goods. At 10 EUR for a pair of men's leather shoes, they don't have to last that long ... 😉

Lehua Night Market
Stinky tofu

There are more than enough night markets in Taipei, although I cannot recommend the so-called Tourist Night Market near the Longshan Temple, as they are really very touristy and the price level reflects this. The "normal night markets like the Lehua Night Market in New Taipei City or the Liaoning St. Night Market" are better, they are very cheap and the food there is very tasty. Each night market has its own, unmistakable "main focus" of the food. At the Lehua Night Market, for example, the so-called “stinky tofu” can be found in many different ways of preparation.


There is a tip for all nerds: Bo`ai Street

Bo`ai Street

Here you will find everything a nerd's heart desires, from the latest electronics, smartphones, computer parts. The prices are not as low as you would expect, if you compare you will certainly find better deals in Taipei, but if you don't want to go far, this is the right place! (More information can also be found in my article on my defective smartphone)



First of all, the most important note: The prices in Taiwan are more or less fixed, trading is usually not necessary here. Unless you speak Chinese, it's not even really possible ...

Otherwise, most Taiwanese people act according to the shopping motto, if I like it I buy it immediately. It is therefore often the case that many shops with the same goods can be found in close proximity to one another, as not much is compared and the locals do not travel far either. In addition, my comparisons (as far as I have come with English) have shown that the prices are usually at least similar, if not the same.

If someone else has experience, I would like to take them into account here, as my lack of knowledge of Chinese meant that I could not delve deeper into the subject!

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