Can Muslims eat lard?

Hardly any lard in pretzels

Region - Many employees at the Trunk bakery in Heilbronner Salzstrasse end their work at half past eight in the morning. For hours they have been operating and monitoring the machines that portion, wrap, shape the pretzel dough and pour caustic soda over it. Finally, the pretzels are baked for 13 minutes at 240 degrees. However, an important step in the manufacturing process is almost at the very beginning: the bakers mix margarine into the dough, because a pretzel is required to have a fat content of five to ten percent. Owner Kurt Trunk no longer uses the lard that was previously used. Of six other bakers from the region who asked the voice on this topic, only one bakes with lard.

Considerate customers

"We stopped doing that before 1970, out of consideration for our Turkish fellow citizens," says Trunk. He doesn't think that's a shame: "Schmalz has its own taste. Most customers, however, want a neutral taste."

The majority of bakers in the region confirm Trunks' statements: "We have only been using vegetable margarine for at least five years," says Franziska Jürgens from the Jürgens bakery in Abstatt. The Eitel bakery in Leingarten also manages without pork fat: "It smells very intense, which is not pleasant during processing," says owner Uwe Eitel. "Lard has completely disappeared from the bakery," reports Peter Zöller, owner of the Zöller bakery in Zaberfeld. You have to treat Muslim customers fairly. Bernhard Kuhn, head master of the Heilbronn bakers' guild, does not use lard in his Skala bakery chain either. However, this "differs from company to company".

Rolf Härdtner "it hurts" that lard is out of fashion. "It made the baked goods more crumbly and juicy," says the owner of the Härdtner bakery in Neckarsulm. Nonetheless, he has also only been baking with vegetable fats for almost 20 years: "Pork lard is no longer up-to-date."

One of the bakers who still use the lard is Markus Hönnige. "It's tradition," says the owner of the Hönnige bakery in Weinsberg. In addition, the lard is a high-quality, natural fat without artificial flavorings.

Muslims and Vegans

And what do the customers think when they enjoy fresh pastries at Trunk in Heilbronn on this Saturday morning? Ralf Schöning (45) from Obersulm thinks it is right to show consideration for Muslim customers.

Hartmut Reuschel (53) from Offenau is a vegetarian against factory farming. Therefore it is fine with him that no lard is used.

Orhan Demirel (29) from Bad Friedrichshall thinks it's good that Trunk doesn't use lard so that vegans can also enjoy the pastries. And what about himself? "As a Muslim, I consciously don't eat pork products. But if it were hidden in the pretzel, I wouldn't be able to do anything."