What are the advantages of anonymity

Apply for the pilot project anonymously: "The first hurdle must be free of prejudice"

Which groups of people should be "protected"?

Many experiments have already been carried out which have clearly shown that above allPeople with a migration background have worse cards when looking for work than locals - and that with the same or even better qualifications. Companies consciously decide against competence and in favor of prejudice.

But alsoWomen are still disadvantaged compared to their male counterparts. This is mainly due to the fact that it mainly falls to women to interrupt their professional ambitions in order to devote themselves to the next generation. In doing so, of course, they bring losses to the company, as they lose valuable workforce and will probably not get it back so quickly in their previous willingness to perform.

That tooAge plays a major role during the application process. Older employees may bring a lot of life and work experience with them, but at the same time they may be very close to retirement, are underestimated in terms of their performance possibilities or are simply too expensive for the company.

Advantages of anonymous application

  • equal opportunity for the first round. All applicants start with the same requirements and have to convince with their qualifications.
  • The applicants can be compared with each other more easily because only theQualifications are in focus.
  • By leaving out personal data, new groups of applicants can be opened up, what todiversity leads within the company.
  • Promoting equal opportunities through anonymous applications can have a positive effect on theEmployer branding of the company.

Disadvantages of anonymous application

  • You deprive the applicant of the opportunity to identify himself as aPersonality with individual strengths to present and thereby better "sell".
  • Interesting résumés and people are lost because only qualifications are in the foreground.
  • Discrimination against the affected groups of people is not prevented. The rejected candidates only find out about the "no" at a later point in time, namely at the interview.
  • Career starters are clearly at a disadvantage because they cannot keep up with the competition in terms of experience and qualifications.


The anonymization of the application is therefore unsuitable to protect applicants from prejudice. Because it does not change the critical and biased attitude that the HR managers take - the actual problem is postponed instead of resolved and the applicants themselves also draw disadvantages from an anonymous application. Companies that have introduced the option of anonymized applications were also unable to identify any additional potential applicants and have reported that the proportion of employees with a migration background has not increased either.

This means that a measure that is supposed to bear fruit does not deal with the application process, but with the HR managers. It is the prejudices themselves that must be combated. To veil them is simply not enough.