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These are the most popular countries for a job abroad

The corona pandemic is dampening the desire for jobs abroad. In 2014, in the “Decoding Global Talent” study, just under two out of three respondents (63.8 percent) were willing to move to another country for a suitable position. In 2018 this share fell to 57.1 percent.

The corona pandemic seems to have exacerbated the trend. In the survey carried out from October to the beginning of December 2020, only half of the participants (50.3 percent) from 190 countries were ready for a job abroad. "Decoding Global Talent" is a study by the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group, the StepStone job platform and The Network, a worldwide association of online job exchanges.

Corona discourages expats

The Corona crisis has left its mark on potential expats among the most popular countries. “Success in the fight against the corona pandemic also seems to make states more attractive target countries for professional mobility,” said StepStone when presenting the results in March 2021. “Countries that successfully fought the first wave have advanced in the ranking .

Conversely, those countries that had been hit particularly hard by Covid-19 up to the time of the survey in autumn 2020, such as Italy and Spain, both of which could not achieve a place in the top ten for the first time since 2014, have lost their popularity. "

Germany felt these consequences just as much as the long-term leader in the ranking, which surprisingly had to clear first place even for the analysts.

Study: Most Popular Countries for International Jobs

According to the information, 208,807 people completed a questionnaire for the survey. The majority of them

  • was between 20 and 40 years old
  • So was at the beginning or in the middle of the career
  • worked in the private sector
  • had a college degree
  • was male (51 percent).

The participants (over 5000 of them from Germany) answered 40 questions on aspects of working life, including willingness to work abroad and the changes as a result of the corona pandemic.

According to the study, these were the most popular countries for a job abroad at the end of 2020:

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# 10 New Zealand

New Zealand was ranked tenth on the list of the most popular countries for a job in the study “Decoding Global Talent”. Eight percent of the participants who would be willing to move to another country for the right job could imagine New Zealand as a destination. The state was thus one of only two newcomers to the top ten. New Zealand did not make it into the top group in 2018 or 2014. "New Zealand has been a role model for effective coronavirus management almost since the beginning of the pandemic," praised the authors and highlighted other advantages for foreign professionals.

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# 9 France

France, on the other hand, has continuously deteriorated in the ranking - and thus symbolizes the general decline of Europe. In 2014, seven places in the top ten went to Europe. Only four countries on the continent can be found in the current edition. France was sixth in 2014. In 2018 it slipped one place. In 2020, with an approval rate of nine percent, it was only enough for ninth place.

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# 8 Singapore

The second newcomer to the ranking, alongside New Zealand, was Singapore. The Asian financial center helped with its quota of eleven percent to displace Spain and Italy from the top group. Spain even came in sixth in 2018. Singapore was in 18th place at the time and recently benefited in particular from the corona bonus for many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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# 7 Switzerland

Switzerland was the only European country that could improve in the top ten. It rose one rank compared to 2018 and finished with an approval rate of eleven percent, just ahead of Singapore.

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# 6 Japan

Japan was not yet among the most popular countries for a job abroad in 2014. In 2018 it rose to number ten. In the current ranking, Japan jumped to sixth place. The surge in popularity for the Republic of Korea was even more impressive. Japan's neighbor was ranked 37th in 2014. Most recently, he improved from 24th to twelfth place. "This is quite impressive for a country whose language is not widely spoken and it shows how important the public health system is to the respondents," said the experts from BCG and StepStone.

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# 5 United Kingdom

The UK was the second most popular country in the world for a job abroad in 2014. In the wake of Brexit, it fell to fifth place in 2018. That could be held in the survey in 2020.

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# 4 Germany

With 19 percent, Germany remained the most popular non-English-speaking nation in the ranking. However, the Federal Republic has deteriorated by two places compared to 2018. This gave her the result of the 2014 survey. The authors did certify that Germany had a comparatively successful fight against the first corona wave. "However, the country's image has suffered from the total number of coronavirus cases in the European Union," they concluded and also complained about the decline in engagement in the area of ​​immigration. "In order to maintain competitiveness, the German labor market needs foreign skilled workers", warned StepStone and appealed to local companies to attract foreign talent more.

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# 3 Australia

Australia is one of the climbers in the rankings. The continent moved up from seventh place (2014) through fourth (2018) to third. Exactly one in five respondents who were generally interested in a job abroad would move to Australia, according to the survey. According to the information, the country scored in addition to English as the official language with the pandemic management, the social system and a culture that was perceived as more open compared to the former front runner.

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# 2 USA

"The most striking change in our survey is the US falling out of the top," the report said. The United States had to vacate first place for the first time after 2014 and 2018. With an approval rate of 20 percent, they came in second ahead of Australia thanks to higher decimal places. According to the authors, the inconsistent fight against the pandemic, increasing nationalism and social unrest led to the overthrow of the USA. Even among digital specialists, it was only enough for second place for the home of Apple, IBM and Amazon. The poll took place from October to early December 2020, around the time of the US presidential election.

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# 1 Canada

According to the “Decoding Global Talent” report, Canada has become the most popular country for potential expats during the corona pandemic, and this is well ahead of the USA. 24 percent of those interested in a job abroad would therefore consider Canada. The country has reportedly managed to win over a wide range of people. It was number one in five of seven demographic categories (age, level of education, industry). The same was true for four out of six world regions from which the respondents came. Canada and Australia benefit from the same positive image, according to the report.