How has Infosys grown


Hoped for more than that. Great colleagues in themselves. Parent company breaks everything and constantly competes with daughter.

Employee or workerAt the time of the evaluation at Infosys Consulting GmbH in Garching b. Munich worked.

I think it's good about the employer

Some people in the team, internationality

I think it's bad about the employer

Hardware, software, processes, policies, and cooperation with Indian parent company

Suggestions for improvement

Follow a clear line and refrain from micromanagement. In addition, develop your own market positioning and stick to it. To make better systems available to the employees and not to set up ten times the number of processes to optimize the processes (is somewhat counterproductive).

Working atmosphere

Unfortunately, the working atmosphere has become so bad that you can hardly concentrate on the positive things. Constant fight between Indian parent company and their employees on the project. It's madness. I've only seen so much politics and gadgets in the films and in reality I could hardly dream of them. Some like that, but it is not beneficial to have such a working atmosphere.


Just bad. is sold as a discount and is also perceived as such. In some projects you are looked at wrong just because you come from Infosys and it doesn't matter whether it is Infosys Consulting or the Indian parent company Infosys Limited. If you get a bad reception, at least in my experience

Work-life balance

Depending on the project. It was ok with me, other colleagues were less fortunate. Overtime cannot be recorded, but some project managers come along and allow certain hours to be celebrated or private appointments to be kept.

Career / further education

Unfortunately not so good. There are internal trainings for the topic of agile project management and also the possibility to get certifications, but there are no other technical topics that could be done. In addition, in the current situation you don't get a budget for something like that. On the other hand, the projects do not always allow to apply what has been learned. Is very sad.

Salary / social benefits

Salary measured by what is required of nerves and resilience to get along with the company is rather low. Otherwise a bit above average. Social benefits are not too good. Although there is the possibility of receiving company pension benefits, it is not interesting for everyone.

Environmental / social awareness

Rather bad. Instead of automating the systems and making them paperless, travel expenses are made paper. I don't think it's up to date.

Cohesion among colleagues

As a rule, the colleagues stick together well (nothing else remains). But it is also dependent on the team.

Dealing with older colleagues

neutral, unfortunately can't say much

Managerial behavior

My direct superiors are good, but I rate anything that is higher as unsuitable. Constructive criticism is not received and it is only given. Policies are becoming more and more strict and nonsensical. The company is called Consulting but works with conditions from a discount IT service provider.

working conditions

Bad systems and laptops. Or laptops may be fine, but software makes the laptop look old. In addition, the equipment is not updated too often.


Communication is very bad. At least in terms of information content. Most emails come from the class of corporate spam, which is of no use (sometimes in the form of comics) and is communicated in such a way that the decisions can be justified more easily. In one email it says "we are so great and have grown so much" and in the other email afterwards it says "sorry, because of COVID-19" no more salary increases and promotions. "But then another communication that so many new colleagues and two other companies are bought up. And then you ask yourself, are we great now or are we not? So there is a lack of consistency in actions at the entire corporate level.

equal rights

So neutral, nothing special but I can't say bad either, the question is just equality between whom? Man and woman? Dan doesn't care. But if employees from the parent company or German subsidiary mean, then it's different.

Interesting tasks

Pure body leasing ... In addition, the interests of people are pretty irrelevant, even if the people sit on the same "project" for 3-4 years. But the project is also said too strongly, is more of an operations activity and you often work as a temporary worker, nothing more.