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Set up the Google Nest Hub

Voice assistants are on the rise. The recently published Voice First Barometer, a representative study on the use of voice assistants, describes that 51% of people in Switzerland already communicate with voice assistants. 21% of users even use voice assistants at least once a day. Although the use of smart speakers in Switzerland is still low in an international comparison, an increasing trend can be seen here as well. The smart speakers have not been available on the Swiss market for too long. Google only officially released its intelligent speakers, such as the Google Home, in Switzerland in autumn 2019. The Amazon Smart Speakers are offered in specialist shops in this country, but the app required for setting up is not officially available for Swiss customers.

Set up the Google Nest Hub

You can find out more about the spread of smart speakers in Switzerland in the blog post Smart Speaker Overview. Today it's more about showing you how to set up a smart speaker from Google, in our example the Google Nest Hub. I will show you how this works in the following video.


As you've seen, setting up the Google Nest Hub is child's play. If the explanation in the video was still too fast, you will find the setup steps summarized below. What you need to set up:

During setup:

  • Turn on the Google Nest Hub by connecting the device to power
  • Open the Google Home app - and activate the Bluetooth connection
  • Set up the "home"
  • Allow location sharing - important for some functions (e.g. Google Maps)
  • Pair devices with each other
  • Allocation of a room where the device is located - this is relevant if several devices are used at home
  • Configure WLAN
  • Set up the Google Assistant and enable voice discrimination
  • Services such as Youtube Music or Spotify can now be added in a personalized way

Congratulations, your device is set up. The Google Nest Hub will now briefly introduce itself and show you individual functions.