How do lockpicks work

SCUM: This is how lock picking works

At the moment there are three different types of locks for locking houses and garages. In addition to the normal lock (Rusty Lock) and the medium lock (Medium), the extended lock is also available. The normal lock can be easily made from the crafting menu. With all others, the acquisition is only possible with fame points. Therefore, you should look carefully where it makes sense to add a lock and where it doesn't.

Lockpicking: this is how it works!

Lock picking depends on the theft skill. A screwdriver and lockpicks are also required. You can find them all over the island.

In the lock menu you can see the time it takes to successfully pick the lock, the status of the lock picks and the angle difference that is used. Please note the following:

  • Duration: 2 seconds (no skill) - 4 seconds (progress +)
  • Angular difference: 1x - 2x the cone size at which the lockpick is successful.
  • Lockpick durability: 1x - 4x

It is easiest and best if you always start lock picking in the seldom direction and position, as the opening position shifts after each attempt. Lockpicking starts when you hold down the F key. You then only have a few seconds to hit the right angle. Therefore, you should always take enough lockpicks with you if you are planning a series of burglaries.

Save with lockpick attempts!

If you notice that the lockpick breaks off when you try, steer in the other direction immediately and try a second attempt. This saves you the lock picks that can break off during the attempts. Each lockpick has a dual use.

By the way, there are some interesting instructions on YouTube that will also help you to make lock picking successful. If you have any tips and tricks yourself, let us know in the comments.

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