Where can I buy garden show cushions

Do-it-yourself mosquito net for a swing. Awnings and covers for garden swings

Relaxing in the shade of the trees and swaying rhythmically is one of the pleasant moments to relax. Garden show cushions are an important element of relaxation comfort. What to look for when choosing when making these accessories with your own hands.

Design of cushions for a swing in the country or in the garden

First of all, a number of points are taken into account that determine the choice of material, the filler. The intensity of the swing operation, there is a protection about it. If used frequently, there will be children in the family who can climb on them in shoes and pets. Then it would be more correct to use synthetic, easily washable fabrics. They are affordable, well cleaned of dirt, washed.

Color options for fabrics for outdoor use

To swing with protection and more often to choose mixed fabrics with a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. The former offers practicality, extends the life of accessories, the latter offers comfort in terms of tactile sensations, they are pleasant to the touch.

Use of fabrics of different colors in the manufacture of pillows

Those who want to take a nap in the fresh air on a swing prefers natural materials, recommending a combined option for the soft part of structures. Interchangeable mattress cover, sew pillows from natural fabric. Make a cover for them out of waterproof fabric.

New types of fabrics have been developed especially for garden furniture. They differ in:

Synthetic leather is a durable material, but it is not recommended to use it as a cover for country upholstered furniture. In the hot season it is not pleasant, as it absorbs sweat secretions poorly and the surface of the artificial leather is poorly ventilated.

Types of fabrics for garden cushions

When choosing the material for pillowcases, you need to know their composition and properties.

Drawing of a pattern of pillow cases

Main types:

  • synthetic fiber fabric;
  • combined in a proportional ratio, natural polymer components are combined;
  • canvases made from natural materials with a protective polymer coating;
  • natural fibers with impregnation.

Fully synthetic fabrics have been specially developed for. They are used to sew covers for mattresses, pillows, swing shelters (awnings, tents).

It looks like a synthetic fabric used to sew pillows

These include canvases made of acrylic, polypropylene. Their main advantages are that they are inert to moisture and ultraviolet radiation and have an extended lifespan. Plastics are washed in a normal machine. Acrylic canvases are the most resistant to UV radiation because they are colored over the entire fiber mass. Manufacturers offer many colors, textures.

Acrylic fabric color options

The main disadvantage is that, from the point of view of tactile sensations, they are not entirely comfortable at rest and are inferior to natural materials. A more profitable option is combined materials. Natural ingredients make them pleasant to the touch, "breathable" and polymer fibers - practical, resistant to dirt. Impregnated natural fibers have the same properties.

Materials with a synthetic polymer coating, mostly Teflon, are characterized by the fact that the polymer layer protects the canvas from dust, dirt and moisture.

Those who still love purely natural materials should sew spare parts. Cover with a protective cover made of waterproof materials.

How to choose fillers and types

Inexpensive and practical - foam rubber. It is most commonly used as a filler. Even if it deforms, deteriorates over time, it can easily be replaced.

A modified, improved version of polyurethane foam (foam rubber) - holofiber. It differs in that the polymer fibers do not have a spongy, but a chaotic filament structure with air spaces.

Comparison of down and material holofiber

Comfortable soft material that duplicates the shape of the human body and easily regains its shape. Holofiber-structured yarns under the influence of temperature are called Holcon. It has improved shock absorption properties.

They are hypoallirgic, fireproof, tactile pleasant materials. They can be machine washed. Elastic latex is the same foam rubber (rubberized) with the addition of impregnations.

This is what elastic latex looks like, making a pillow with excellent shock absorption.

Main features - resistant to deformation, long lasting, keeps its shape. A popular new material is comfort.

This is expanded polystyrene foam in the form of granules with air in it. Light hypoallirgic material with orthopedic properties. Comforter is a "breathing" filler, meaning it lets air through and does not absorb fine dust particles.

Hello friends!

The cover in question is great for a kitchen couch, swing or small bench.

First of all, there are many hobbies in my life arsenal. One of them creates furniture for the home.

If you also want a cutting table for yourself, see the article for information on dimensions and assembly.

Of course I don't make the furniture myself. Mine: Idea, planning, calculation, detailing, ordering saws. The supply of material and assembly is carried out by the husband.

One of the incarnations is the dining area, which consists of a table, two chests of drawers, a sideboard and a small sofa.

There are two rectangular foam pieces on the sofa that replace the soft part of the backrest and seat.

We'll sew a blanket for them.

Empirically, I tested three types of cutting and sewing using different materials.

By the way, the photo uses the kind of material I'll talk about next time. This is the fourth. These are the advantages of sewing - you can change the interior if there is a minimum cost of materials, effort and time.

I will share my impressions from the first experiments in sewing a sofa cover.

For some models of furniture, they are an excellent solution.

A few words about materials

When sewing a cover, choose materials that are thick enough but not rigid. It's great if they are water-repellent or have scratch-resistant properties. Such materials can be found in furniture salons.

Also suitable:

  • tapestry;
  • Mats;
  • dense varieties of cotton;
  • "Furniture" and curtain fabrics;
  • in some cases a raincoat or fabric for sewing work clothes is fine.

The choice is huge now, it all depends on the extent and frequency of use of the sofa. For a home sofa or a swing, it is better to choose materials that differ in type and purpose.

I will share my experience of using different materials.

In the first case, I chose Curtain fabric.

It looks nice, fits into the interior, but ...

If there are young children, not very nice adults or animals, I recommend that you think about them before using such materials, especially for sitting.

It is extremely difficult to wash stains, the seat becomes greasy even with frequent cleaning, the area looks badly deteriorated.

In the second case - three-layer fabric with thermal seams.

At the top and bottom there is a polycotton with a synthetic winterizer in between. Such fabrics are made up of different fibers: silk, polyester, etc. It all depends on the range in the fabric store.

Advantages of thermal sewing:

  • no pinholes;
  • the fibers of the insulation are not knocked out forwards.
  • increased durability of the blade.

I love these types of materials!

I used it to sew ironing board covers, duvets, etc. The range of applications is wide, I recommend it.

There are two drawbacks to using it: Pilling (in a simple way "pellets") and loss of color.

It is necessary to study the composition of fibers and dyes when buying, and when washing the product it is better to add special means of preserving color.

Overall, a wonderful kind of material for things

Consider two ways of cutting and sewing a cover for a sofa or a swing.

The first is when the cover is made up of two separate parts.

In order to "fit" the sofa into the interior, I sewed a cover made of curtain fabric. I told you about the advantages and disadvantages above.

The top of the back and seat details were cut out of the same fabric as one of the curtains on the window. The lower part was sewn from cheaper cotton fabric in order to save material and money.

The illustration shows the parts diagram.

I sewed a zipper into the longitudinal seam of the cover on the details of the backrest and seat. It's so convenient to remove the cover and wash it. Choose a longer zipper, otherwise foam parts cannot be inserted comfortably.

Cutting and sewing

To cut parts, it is necessary to measure the length, width and height of the parts and cut them out according to the measurements obtained, taking into account the seams.

Sew consistently. First, sew strips of different materials along, sew in the fastener and sew in the side details.

If desired, you can sew on the fabric or reinforce it with a copy material. I ran a diamond engraving over the base fabric.

From the remnants of the material, you can sew pillowcases for small pillows.

The advantages of this method of cutting and sewing a sofa cover:

  • Foam inserts are securely attached on the inside and do not "jump out";
  • Two mobile, separate parts that can be easily removed / disassembled, etc.
  • You can pick up any suitable material in different combinations;


  • Higher material consumption than other options. If the fabric is expensive, it will be noticed.
  • Sufficient complexity of technological assembly. For beginners, sewing such a cover may not be very easy. Especially if the skills of sewing the clasp at the top are insufficient.

But generally a good option for covers for a sofa and other mobile furniture.

The second option is to sew a cover for a sofa or a swing

Similar to the first, but with simplified cut and top stitching.

In this case, the parts are cut together without side lengthwise inserts, as shown in the illustration.

There is no need to sew in a zipper, and the foam rubber slips easily into the cover.

Advantages of the method:

  • Ease of cutting and sewing;
  • Less material consumption;
  • Gently pull out foam rubber for washing.


  • Due to the fact that the details of the cover are cut out together, it is necessary to correct them more often and "put" the knocked-out foam rubber in place.

Sum up

We studied two ways of cutting and sewing a blanket for a sofa or a swing, which are easy to sew with your own hands.

Each of them work well with different types of furniture. For example, the first method allows you to sew chair covers, decorate pillows for children's games or sew a mattress cover for a cot.

Choose what is close to you in terms of complexity and scope.

Next time I will show in more detail the cut and sewing of an excellent type of cover. No special skills are required to sew this variant of the cover.

Leave comments and share your impressions: did you have to sew such things with your own hands and what methods did you use?

With confidence in your success and best wishes,
Elena Krasovskaya

The swing in the garden is the best example of truly thoughtful relaxation. Kids like them, adults like them, and nothing is easier than installing them in a summer home. However, these designs can be even more enjoyable if you take care of the accessories that will make your stay more enjoyable. This article looks at three functional types of accessories:

  • For comfort such as garden cushions or mattresses;
  • For protection such as covers and mosquito nets;
  • Spare parts for garden swing repairs such as brackets and springs.

Types of swing accessories

To find the right accessories, you need to find out what varieties there are. Most often, a distinction is made between accessories:

Protective measures are designed to ensure safe operation - in other words, they are necessary for the swing to last as long as possible. These details, created for comfort, in turn provide maximum comfort for whoever is sitting on the swing.

The vocation of protective parts is to protect a person from unfriendly manifestations of the environment. The following accessories stand out:

  • awnings;
  • covers;
  • mosquito net.

Let's talk about how to choose such designs, what they are intended for, and whether it is possible to make them yourself.

Awnings swing

Awnings protect both the structure itself and people - from sun, wind and rain. Most often they are made of polyester or acrylic - these fabrics are not only moisture-proof, but also practically do not fade in the sun, and this is an important factor in the durability and strength of the awning. You can choose between colored and monochrome colors - you should focus on the landscape of the garden and summer houses.

It is best to choose the size and shape of the canopies individually - there may be different recommendations for different types of Swing. It is advisable to focus on the density of the fabric and choose as dense options as possible. First, the likelihood of damage is minimized, and second, such fabrics are not threatened by the so-called "wind" - the effect of lifting the fabric up by the wind, the formation of bubbles.

You can also recommend paying attention to the mesh - it is interesting not only from an aesthetic point of view, but can also bring many advantages in a practical way - it will protect against insects and dust, and also scatter the sun's rays. To some extent, the mesh can also be used as a windbreak (if it is fine enough).


In the event that the summer is not as hot and dry as expected and it is either difficult or even impossible to assemble the swing and move it into the garage, the covers are well suited. Their main task is to protect the structural body from rain and dirt.

Covers for garden swings have no aesthetic function, but there is also the opportunity to experiment with colors and patterns - the cover can not only be purchased in the standard color gray. The most commonly used polyethylene or oxford cloth. The advantage of these materials is their moisture resistance - they do not let water through, so the structure is not afraid of rain.

Mosquito net

The name speaks for itself - mosquitoes (as well as other mosquitoes) with such nets will not bother vacationers. It is a sliding curtain made of the finest mesh - a person sitting on a swing will not feel uncomfortable.

A mosquito net for a garden swing, among other things, can be wonderfully decorative element - you can accommodate a multicolored matter, and the hanging bed looks very elegant. Most nets are made of moisture-resistant fabric - this material, among other advantages, also protects against direct rain and also retains the sun's rays.

Choosing a mosquito net for a swing, you should give preference to models with two zippers - they are more reliable. When installing, make sure that the mesh is firmly attached to the ground, since only in this case the protection against the entry of insects will be most complete.

Accessories for comfort

A few words should be said about the accessories that will make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible:

The difference between them is small, but both have their own subtleties in choosing. Let's find out what exactly you need to know in order to choose a good pillow or mattress.

When choosing a mattress for a garden swing, consider the following indicators:

Garden show cushions are needed for a comfortable sitting position - this is obvious. However, they can also have a decorative function and transform the structure into an element of the park interior.Choosing pillows for a swing is not difficult - most of the time, you can focus on the color of the mattress. The easiest way is to buy pillows with the same padding as the bed.

If you want to dilute the solid color with light spots, it is recommended to choose pillows of different colors ... For example, for pastel mattresses, it is advisable to choose red, blue and yellow pillows. Mattresses in dark tones are complemented by pink or caramel-colored pillows.

Rocking cushions are also sewn independently - in this case, you can experiment not only with colors, but also with patterns. The prints are selected according to your taste. But it must be borne in mind that the colors of the drawing must be chosen so that they can withstand the constant presence on the street - do not fade, do not spread.

Swing accessories

When operating a swing, it is important to note that every detail must be in good condition. Otherwise, not only mishaps, but also inevitable injuries cannot be avoided. If some of the elements feel that they are not working properly, it is advisable to replace them. If you have the necessary skills and materials, you can easily repair a garden swing yourself.

For example, the swing frame can fail. The breakdown options depend primarily on the material the frame is made of.

  • Wooden beams are prone to insect attack and rot - accordingly, it is worth paying attention to the safety of the tree (processing with special means).
  • Metal frames can crack and break due to corrosion on the parts. To prevent this from happening, it is also recommended to use special coating products.
  • Swinging out plastic materials are not afraid of changes in the structure of a natural character, but they can collapse due to heavy loads.

Please note that some models are equipped with so-called union nuts. These elements are needed for protection - the caps hide the bolts, and it is practically impossible to damage the skin or fabric of clothing when touched.

Such spare parts for a garden swing are also used to protect the lawn - it is possible to make plastic supports on the legs. They are necessary so as not to damage the grass with potholes.

A few words must be said about the roof. When choosing and installing this part, care must be taken to ensure that the design has a variety of mounting options. Why it matters: You can sit on the swing in both sunny weather and rain, so the ability to change the incline is extremely important.

Do not forget about such an important element as the eye bolts - they are metal rings that are fixed in the piston and in which a cable or rope can be fastened. This element is a guarantee of attachment. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read the load capacity issues before purchasing any screws. On some models, special springs are used to secure the seat to the frame.

There are also more than a dozen different accessories that can be used for garden swings with different types of brackets, capes, arches, fasteners, soft elements, etc. It all specifically depends on the modification of your swing.

Such a swing looks great under fruit trees, near bodies of water and against the background of flower beds.

Outdoor recreation is an enjoyable pastime that will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the oneness with nature. And that's why many try to choose comfortable and functional outdoor elements when furnishing their suburban area. The garden swing is not the last of them. After all, it is not only practical furniture, but also a worthy decoration of the landscape of the place.

Today on the market there is a wide range of accessories for garden swings, which can be used not only to expand functionality, but also to use an elegant decorative element.

Protective accessories

Universal awnings

Many stationary swings are equipped with a built-in stretch roof. However, if you don't have one, then consider buying an awning for a garden swing.

The main task of the awning is to protect the structure from the scorching rays of the sun.

The material for the manufacture of the awning is a moisture-repellent fabric, due to which such a spontaneous roof serves as a good protection against light rain.

Impregnated polyester or polyurethane coatings, which are used for sewing awnings, are not afraid of atmospheric precipitation. They are also resistant to sunlight and wind loads.

On sale you can find awnings, which are translucent improvised screens equipped with fasteners that allow them to be easily installed over any structure. Some of them are complemented by zippers that make it easy to open the front of the swing.

The frame elements of the awning are often rods made of plastic or aluminum alloys.

Practical covers

To extend the life of your garden furniture in your suburb, you should also install a cover for your garden swing.

Perfectly protects the cover and moving parts of the structure from dust and the soft elements of the garden swing from burning out.

With these accessories you can simplify the maintenance of garden furniture considerably. At the end of the summer house season, it is not necessary to disassemble the bulky structure, but it is sufficient to carefully “pack” the garden swing into a blanket.

Garden swing covers on the market are basically universal and therefore fit almost every model.

Mosquito net

Any rest in the shade of trees or on the bank of a reservoir can be spoiled by annoying insects. Annoying mosquitoes and mosquitoes can disturb privacy and turn a pleasant evening into a real endurance test.

Mosquito nets solve this problem easily, so that the rest is not overshadowed by clouds of aerial insects.

Due to the special interweaving of fibers, such nets do not hinder air access, but at the same time reliably protect against the ingress of insects and the settling of dust.

Most models of mosquito nets are equipped with weights, which means that the mesh fabric does not rise in the wind.

A very convenient option is if the front panel of the mosquito net consists of two or three sheets that are fastened with a zipper. If the net is not relevant, it is simply folded or rolled up over the pages.

Little things for a pleasant stay

Comfortable mattresses

Most of us associate the concept of the "mattress" with something bulky and ordinary. However, modern options for mattresses for garden furniture can serve as a worthy addition, providing additional comfort and convenience.

With a soft and comfortable mattress for a garden swing, you can enjoy all the joys of outdoor recreation.

Garden furniture, supplemented by a comfortable soft mattress, creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the garden, which contributes to pleasant relaxation and communication in a casual atmosphere with neighbors and guests.

The mattresses on the market differ not only in the color design of the covers, but also in the thickness of the filler, which can be synthetic winterizer and holofiber, foam rubber in the form of sheets or crushed crumbs.

What should you look for when choosing a mattress?

  • Manufacturing material. Since the whole swing summer season will be in the fresh air, the material for the filler and the cover must be quite strong and durable.
  • Product design. Choose a mattress that goes well with the architecture and color of the terrain so as not to disturb the harmony of the garden seating area.
  • Price-performance ratio. Quality items cannot be cheap. An inexpensive mattress that at best does not meet the requirements will only last until the end of the season.

A hand-sewn mattress can be a great alternative to the store option. To do this, however, you need basic knowledge of cutting and sewing.

"Country" pillow

Not all garden swing models are equipped with armrests and headrests. In this case, "land" pillows are an excellent solution to the problem. The offer includes both individual options and complete pillow sets.

A garden show cushion makes outdoor activities more comfortable.

When you have supplemented a rough frame seat with such soft elements, you can turn a seemingly ordinary structure into a comfortable hanging sofa.

With colorful pillow sets decorated with bright drawings and bizarre patterns, it's easy to turn a country swing into a cozy corner for a pleasant time outdoors.

You can sew such accessories yourself. All you have to do is buy the right fabric and sew stylish pillowcases. You can decorate and finished goodsin addition to original patches, practical Velcro and functional fasteners.

The selection of swing accessories is very diverse. On sale you can find both inexpensive practical options and expensive stylish things. And each of them is delighted with a variety of styles, materials and colors, and provides an excellent opportunity to choose an accessory that will harmoniously complement the overall style of the site.

Then they probably don't even have to be empty for a day. Where else can children play and relax with so much fun! Usually garden swings become the “most popular” place in the country from the moment they appear. So you should think of ways to decorate them attractively so that both guests can admire them and the owners themselves enjoy aesthetic pleasure. The easiest way to decorate a swing is to add accessories such as pillows, bedspreads, decorative ornaments ... If you do not want to spend money on buying ready-made products, you can make them yourself. And now we will tell you how and from what materials to do this.

Usually the tent comes complete with a swing. But if you made a swing with your own hands or you have a desire to change it, consider the following points:

  • It is advisable to make an awning out of waterproof fabric. Then you do not need to cover the entire structure with a raincoat in bad weather, it is enough to cover the seat and you do not need additional protection from drizzle.
Provide an awning to protect from the sun
  • Since the swing is constantly on the street, the fabric has to be lightfast.
  • When choosing an awning, pay attention to models with a sewn-in mosquito net so that you also avoid problems with insects.

Important! When buying seats, an awning or mosquito net for a swing, make sure that they are the right size for your model.

Mosquito net - for a comfortable stay

Sitting on the street in the evening and reading a book or handicrafts without fear of falling victim to mosquitoes? Create a swing in a flower garden without worrying about bees climbing around? It's easy when you have a mosquito net. It also slightly dampens the sun's rays in the midday heat, protects you from the dust blown up by the wind and even protects you from a fine drizzle.

There are different types of mesh:

  • on a zipper in the middle (swings open on the curtain principle), on two zippers on the sides (where the front part can be folded up) and fixed (which have to be lifted in order to enter);

Garden swing with mosquito net
  • stretching under the awning on the roof, falling onto the awning from above, sewn into the awning;
  • white or colored.

Saving a garden swing from bad weather: protective cover

To protect the swing and especially its textile elements from the weather, it is essential to buy a cover made of waterproof material. There are two types of models on offer:

  • cover only the seat,
  • completely cover the swing together with the awning.

The second option is more practical, especially if the swing is in an open place and not under a roof, if you cannot clean it when it rains, or if you visit the cottage on short visits.

The cover protects the swing from moisture, dust, bird tracks, traces of your own animals or those of the neighbors' roaming around the site. On hot days, a cover draped over an open-front swing creates a pleasant shade.

Advice. It is most practical to have several removable covers so that the seats can change as needed.

Cushions and decorative textiles for garden swings

Textile elements are the most vulnerable part of the swing. Rain, sun, accidentally spilled coffee, a dog jumping on the seat with dirty paws ... It is almost impossible to completely protect a swing standing on the street from dirt and external influences. As a result, the fabric of the pillows loses its neat appearance, fades, irreducible stains appear, while the swing frame is still as good as new. However, replacing the cushions may not be a necessary measure, but a way to add more oomph to the original view, make the seat more comfortable and softer.

Advice. If the standard garden show cushions do not suit you in terms of color and design or do not seem soft and comfortable enough, you can make new ones yourself.

Making pillows with your own hands is not so difficult: standard seats usually consist of two components: a textile cover and a filler. However, the choice of materials must be made responsibly - this is the guarantee of their long service life and your comfort. The requirements for textiles are as follows:

  • resistance to fading in the sun;
  • strength and durability;
  • the fabric should be easy to wash, dry quickly, and not fade or shrink when washed.

Pillows make your stay more comfortable

Of course, synthetic materials are more practical, especially faux leather - apparently I wiped the surface with a cloth like new. Only now is it very uncomfortable to sit on such pillows in the heat. The golden medium mix of cotton and synthetic or, of course, high-strength such as tapestry. Another option are natural fabrics with a special treatment to increase their wear resistance (e.g. with a water- and dirt-repellent impregnation).

Fillers for pillows can be:

  • foam rubber;
  • holofiber;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • komerel, expanded polystyrene (synthetic balls).

The seats of a multi-seat swing can consist of several pillows and two rectangular mattresses, which are connected or not connected to each other. In addition to the actual seats, the swing is equipped with soft textile armrests, decorative cushions and capes. You can easily do them yourself.

To make the rest not only convenient, but also aesthetic, surround the swing with flower beds or tubs of plants and install a decorative fountain next to it. If you have young children, build a sandpit or playhouse nearby so you can keep an eye on the little ones.

If you want, you can turn even the most unpretentious budget or homemade model of a garden swing into a luxurious place to relax. All you have to do is show your imagination and a certain level of skill.

Cover for garden swing: video