What is your favorite passage in Steinbeck

The 12 Most Noteworthy Quotes About Money

Since its invention, money has always been an issue of our greatest. Here is an exciting selection of what poets and thinkers of the past two thousand years have observed about our favorite subject:

The writer Édouard Bourdet and the agony of choice

Cicero thought more warlike

Benjamin Franklin saw the light in the bank

For Lichtenberg a question of the (non-existent) inclination

And Onassis really knew what he was talking about!

When it comes to money, too, Rousseau draws on bondage

An experience with which Schopenhauer is certainly not alone

Shaw has hope for the rich

Sibelius prefers to talk about music

A question of honor for Steinbeck

In Voltaire's time things were really not as good as French health

Finally, as usual, Wilde shoots the bird

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