ITunes is dead

Apple buries iTunesWhat will happen to my music collection now?

When Craig Federighi, Apple's highest software manager, spoke about iTunes in the presentation at the start of the WWDC developer conference (until June 7th), some probably initially believed that the programmers of the iPhone company are now completely crazy.

iTunes started as a pure music playback app, said Federighi, and was then expanded to include the music store, podcasts, video and the synchronization of devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. "And if there's one question we keep hearing, it's this: Could iTunes do more?" Said Federighi. Laughter in the hall of the San Jose Convention Center, because the overloading of iTunes with more and more functions had often been criticized.

And Federighi continued to make fun of his own program: “How about a calendar in iTunes? How about Mail in iTunes? And maybe Safari in iTunes? ”Roaring laughter, applause from the audience…“ I think we really got it! ”Only to finally resolve:“ The truth is - we had a better idea. The future of iTunes is not one app, but three. "

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After 18 years, Apple is burying iTunes, replacing it with three separate programs: Apple Music for the music, the TV app for purchased and streamed video content, and a podcasts app. The three apps will be introduced in the fall with the new Mac OS Catalina, as Apple announced on Monday.

But what happens now to an existing music collection that may have been maintained in iTunes for many years? Apple promises that all songs and all playlists will be transferred to the new music app. It should be irrelevant whether the tracks were downloaded once or read from a CD, for example.

And just as the user's music is transferred to Apple Music, films and series are transferred to the TV app and podcasts to the podcast app.

Sync in the Finder

Anyone who has previously transferred their music to iPhone, iPad or iPod via iTunes will in future have to do this in the Mac OS Finder. For example, if you connect an iPhone to a Mac by cable, an entry for the iPhone appears in the left column of the Finder next to the symbols for drives, favorites or external devices.

If you click on this entry in the sidebar, a page opens that is very similar to the overview in iTunes in which backups and synchronization were started up to now. On this page there are also several tabs for content such as music, films, series, podcasts or photos. If you click on it, you can specify what should be synchronized with the iPhone as usual.

The three new apps for music, videos and podcasts are exclusively reserved for Mac OS Catalina, according to Apple. This means: iTunes will continue to exist on Mac computers with older operating systems!

Nothing will change for iTunes users on Windows computers either. Here the program should continue. It is not known whether there are any plans to replace iTunes at some point.