Why is Holo hot right now


heat is a game mechanic of the Holosmith, the elite specialization of the engineer.

Mechanics [edit]

An additional heat bar appears above the weapon skills. The bar is filled with skills from the Photon Forge.

Within the photon forge, the player receives a matrix-like texture. Depending on the degree of heat, the player is colored blue (<50%), yellow (50-100%) or red (> 100%) (if storage unit with improved capacity has been selected).

Exceeding skills of the Holosmith specialization receive an improved effect from 50% (depending on the skill). Sword skills get an improved effect from 50% and with a storage unit with improved capacity from 100%.

At full heat capacity (100% or 150% with storage unit with improved capacity) the player suffers damage from overheating and the photon forge remains deactivated until the heat reaches 0% again.

Generate heat [edit]

Once the photon forge has been entered, heat is generated passively every second. Photon Forge skills generate additional heat, depending on the skill.

Lose heat

3 seconds after leaving the photon forge, the player loses 5% heat per second. After 5 seconds of cooling, the player loses 10% heat per second. If Thermal Discharge Valve is selected, the player can lose 15% heat by dodging.


At 100% heat (or 150% with memory unit with improved capacity), the player will overheat. The photon forge is deactivated and 25% of your base life points. In addition, another 5% is subtracted every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds. Vitality does not increase damage. If the photon blast module was selected, the player only loses 5% of the base health every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds.

After overheating, the photon forge cannot be entered until the heat value reaches 0 again. Thermal discharge valve can also be used in overheated mode to lose heat.

Properties [edit]

Quotes [edit]

event dialog
Enter the Holosmith Activate hard light emitters.
Activate the projector!
Hologram projector switched on.
Light come out!
Switch to holo mode.
Leave the Holosmith The parameters are gradually back to normal.
Holograms switched off.
We'd rather wait until this cools down ...
Turn off the holoprojector.
Deactivate the projector.
50% heat
(75% with storage unit with improved capacity)
I'm just getting warm!
The heating phase is running.
Exceeding heat limit values!
It's getting hot guys!
Now it's hot!
Critical heat level Heat level is critical!
Heat deflector at full capacity.
I can't hold out much longer!
Overheated Urgh, too hot!
We can't stand any more heat!
Capacity exceeded
Hot, hot, hot!
We're burning up!
Chilled Thermal release completed.
All heat expelled.
Stabilized heat level.
Heat level is at 0.
Temperature back to normal.