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Trigger Tech Rem 700 Special trigger
Of The goal in sight on April 7, 2020

Deductions are a philosophy in themselves. One likes the French engraver best, the other the German one. This shooter needs an advance in his trigger, one of them feels a dry rifle trigger best for himself. I definitely belong to the latter. The trigger on my Bergara B14 HMR was good, but at some point I wanted more. While looking for a suitable after-market product, I came across the Trigger Tech Rem 700 Special Trigger. In my opinion, this combines quality, performance and affordability. I would like to introduce him today after several months of testing.


Depending on the availability on the German or European market, you have a choice of different versions of this trigger. On the one hand, you can choose between a left or right-hand system and decide whether you want a trigger with an integrated release lever. (This is necessary for some Rem 700 versions and clones.)

There are two different types of trigger blade available (curved or straight), each of which is available in 440C stainless steel or coated in black. I opted for the curved stainless steel version because it was a bit cheaper than the - admittedly damn good-looking - black version and I'm used to a curved trigger blade. In addition to these two options, there is also the Pro Curved option, which is also coated in black.

The housing is made of 7075 aluminum and is coated in black. Among other things, the label is attached to it, which indicates, for example, the setting range of the trigger weight and the correct direction of rotation of the adjusting screw for this.

Due to the built-in materials and the coating, all components of the trigger unit are highly corrosion-resistant. Since I not only shoot with my gun on the dry 100m track, but also trudge through the bush with it in wind and weather, this criterion is very important to me.


The trigger weight can be adjusted from approx. 450 to 1600 g (1 - 3.5 lbs). This does not happen continuously, but in steps of approx. 28 g. For me, this has the advantage that, based on a known trigger weight, I can count by how many grams I have increased or decreased the trigger weight. However, if possible, a check after setting should take place in order to avoid falling below the lower limit.

The specialty of the trigger is that you cannot feel any friction of the internal mechanics before the shot breaks. In the fume cupboard, two metal parts are not touching, but are "connected" by a roller. This breaks the trigger - and this time it's not a hollow phrase - like glass. The trigger does not move 1/10 of a millimeter before the set trigger resistance has been exceeded and the shot breaks. This will reduce the tear in the last fraction of a second before the shot. The low trigger weight also helps to trigger the shot in a controlled manner.


The fume cupboard can be installed at home with the right tools. All you need are a (rubber) hammer and a suitable pin punch. Instructions are included with the fume cupboard. This explains the exchange and the subsequent function and safety check step by step. Otherwise there are some videos and reports on Youtube and here on Geartester.de that discuss the replacement of a Rem 700 fume cupboard. If you have no idea about the subject, you'd better go to the gunsmith you trust.


With a retail price of around € 280, the Trigger Tech Rem 700 Special Trigger is not a bargain. But it's definitely worth the money. This trigger is particularly recommended for people who use their weapons for sport and hunting at the same time. This can be quickly adjusted using the external adjustment screw for the trigger weight, e.g. if you want a higher trigger weight for hunting than for the shooting range. The step-by-step setting allows you to return to the starting weight relatively reliably without digging out the trigger weight measuring device every time. The built-in technology also causes the shot patterns to shrink due to the more controlled shot release. With this trigger, shooting is just twice as much fun. In any case, I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces in the new hunting season. He's already convinced me at the shooting range.