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Impossible crossword
The funniest crossword puzzle was created by the British Max Beerbohm in 1940. He called it the "Impossible Crossword Puzzle" and warned people that trying to solve it could drive them crazy.
Most difficult crossword puzzle
The most difficult crosswords, according to experts, appear in two British newspapers: "The London Times and the" Observer ". Few readers can completely solve it.
The British once started a war over an ear. It was in 1739 when the British attacked the Spaniards because a Spaniard allegedly cut off the ear of a ship's captain named Robert Jenkins.
In 1769, the British designer Edward Beran took wooden strips and placed them in a frame in front of the window to reduce the amount of light entering the room. These were the first shutters.
The game of rugby was born in 1823 in the "Rugby School" in England. It happened because William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a soccer game and ran with it.
Invention of the shoelace
It is not known exactly when the first shoelaces appeared. The ice mummy "Ötzi" found in the Alps was already wearing shoes that were closed with a kind of shoelace (leather strap).
Shoes closed with straps were already common in the Middle Ages. The ribbon, which was also called laces back then, was also used as an ornament or to close clothing.
England has around 53,000 kilometers of hedges - more than any other country.
Another word for cigarette
In England the word "fag", which is also used for "cigarette", translates as "tune".
57 percent of British school children think that Germany is the most boring country in Europe.
In the Middle Ages in England, beer was often served for breakfast.
In the UK, one in 4 potatoes is eaten in the form of fries.

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