What does idle time mean

The "Idle time after accidental reactivation" option under "Energy saving" in the "Energy Options" dialog box is not displayed in the user interface by default. After the specified period of time (in minutes), the device switches back to energy-saving mode in the event of an unintentional reactivation (e.g. through Windows update). With the help of the registry, the hidden option can be displayed.

That's how it's done:

  • Start "% windir% \ regedit.exe" or "% windir% \ regedt32.exe".
  • Click through the following keys (folders):
  • Double-click the "Attributes" key.
    If this key does not yet exist, then you have to create it. To do this, click with the right mouse button in the right window. In the context menu, select "New"> "DWORD value" (REG_DWORD). Enter "Attributes" as the key name.
  • If necessary, change the value from "1" (do not display) to "2" (display).
  • The changes may only take effect after a restart.


  • Attributes:
    1 = The option "Idle time after unintentional reactivation" under "Save energy" is not displayed. (Default)
    2 = The option "Idle time after unintentional reactivation" under "Save energy" is displayed.
  • Please do not change anything else in the registration file. This can result in Windows and / or application programs no longer working properly.

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