Why is JavaScript so popular in India

JavaScript developers: that's why they're so popular

JavaScript developers: that's why they're so popular

JavaScript is one of the most popular web technologies.

The article describes why JavaScript programmers are so popular and what advantages this technology brings.


At the start of the World Wide Web, websites were very static. They wanted to change this and make it more dynamic by introducing a programming language that could overcome this hurdle.

The leading browser manufacturer in 1995 Netscape decided to create a new approach here. With the support of Brendan Eich, a programmer, the new programming language JavaScript was developed.

JavaScript (JS for short) has no connection to Java. At that time, Netscape was perhaps more interested in profiting from the popularity of Java in order to do marketing for JS.

In 1995, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser came onto the market. This used a technology called Jscript. Microsoft programmers used JavaScript to create this new Jscript.

In the period from 1996 to 2004 Internet Explorer was then the most widespread and achieved a market share of more than 95 percent. During this time, client-side JavaScript programming was not so popular, precisely because of the Microsoft browser.

From 2005, however, JavaScript developers could look forward to it. Mozilla hit the market and took back a lot of market share from Internet Explorer. Mozilla was based on JS. After that, many interesting JS libraries such as jQuery and similar emerged. JQuery in particular gained great popularity in the programming community.

Today JavaScript is the dominant client-side scripting language and it is used in 95 percent of all websites.

The emergence of libraries and frameworks

jQuery has long been the most popular JS library.

Many JavaScript-based technologies have emerged in recent years. Here are some of the most important that programmers can use:


JavaScript developers have used Angular for a long time to write so-called Single Page Applications (SPA).

The advantage of such applications is that they only have to be loaded once in the browser. Almost like a desktop application for the browser. Unlike other websites, the server only needs to be addressed once. And you have all the necessary data on your browser.


React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. It is one of the most popular JS libraries currently available.

This allows you to quickly create high-performance user interfaces. It's an alternative to Angular. Nowadays, React is more popular than Angular.

React.JS is especially important for JavaScript programmers these days.


Single page applications can also be built with Vue.JS. So it's an alternative to Angular or React.

Another advantage of Vue is that it is not provided by a large manufacturer such as Facebook or Google. It is controlled by an open source community.

It's also lighter than React.


For a long time, JS Development was mainly about frontend programming. With Node.JS, however, you can also develop in the backend with JS. So you could create a complete web application with JavaScript.


If you don't use JS libraries or frameworks like React, then you speak of Vanilla.JS. That means you only use JavaScript standard functionalities.

What should such a programmer be able to do?

A modern JavaScript professional has years of experience in this technology.

Most of the programmers in this field have already worked with libraries like jQuery because it is very common.

However, it is important that the expert has also worked with standard JS.

Because all other technologies such as React or Vue are based on it.

So a good JS coder has a good understanding of the fundamentals of the programming language.

Because the libraries and frameworks change almost every year.

A few years ago, Angular was the hottest place. Almost every JavaScript expert should be familiar with it.

In recent years, however, Angular has been supplanted by React and Vue. Almost every new web interface project starts with React.JS or Vue.JS.

That could change again in the next few years. New frameworks and technologies based on JS are constantly coming onto the market. So you can't be sure which one will stand out.

Programmers should therefore deal with basic JavaScript and check out the latest libraries and frameworks from time to time.

Willingness to learn is important

Good programmers in this area are therefore willing to learn and can acquire new technologies in frontend development relatively quickly.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

It can't hurt to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS. Although, in some cases, knowledge of the new frontend frameworks is sufficient.

Knowledge of backend development

Frontend development is not completely decoupled from backend development.

It is therefore important to be familiar with backend technologies such as PHP or Java. In order to be able to work better with coders from these areas.

Job titles

The term JavaScript developer can mean a lot these days. It can be a front-end developer who is familiar with HTML, CSS and JS. Or a JS expert who mainly works with React and Vue.

Or a full stack coder who also does backend development with Node.JS or PHP.

So it is always important to read the job description. Because nowadays one understands different things under the term. Also because the JS ecosystem continues to expand.

For example, a full stack JS expert could cover all areas:

  • Browser programming: with JS, jQuery, Vue, React
  • Server development: with Node.JS
  • Database creation: with MongoDB

The advantage of this technology

The advantage of JS is that it is particularly suitable for web applications. Applications that were developed with Node.JS in the backend and React in the frontend, for example, tend to be very quick to execute. It can also serve large numbers of users at the same time. Something that is not always the case in other programming languages.


JS is becoming more and more popular in frontend development and increasingly in backend development.

JavaScript developers are becoming more and more interesting, especially through the headless approach, in which content management systems such as WordPress or shop systems such as Magento can be connected with any possible front end.

What are your experiences?

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