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Buy shoes online - shoe size table for women's and men's shoes

What is your shoe size outside of Germany? German Shoe sizes you can easily convert to e.g. English (UK) with our table. By the way, there is no difference between German and European sizes. (DE / EU / EUR / UK).

Measuring the shoe size. The easiest way to measure your shoe size is with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Take off your shoes and socks. Place your feet on a piece of paper and trace the outline. (Please hold the pencil as vertically as possible.) Then, measured from the heel to the front toe, you will find your shoe size according to our table. You simply use the length in cm and compare the values ​​in the columns. You are probably familiar with this method from the Shoe stores, there they still use adjustable shoe sizes - gauges. These are mainly used for children's shoes. For adults, the shoe size changes only minimally. Please also try to measure your shoe size once in the morning and in the evening. It is worth it!

Not all shoe sizes are the same

But be careful: shoe sizes and measurements may vary depending on the manufacturer, brand and shape.

 foot length in cm
(Measured from your longest toe to the end of your heel.)
Shoe size EURShoe size UK
Shoe size 3622,5363,5
 22,936,5Shoe size 4
Shoe size 3723,4374,5
Shoe size 3823,838Shoe size 5
Shoe size 3924,639Shoe size 6
Shoe size 4025,1406,5
 25,440,5Shoe size 7
Shoe size 4125,8417,5
Shoe size 4226,542Shoe size 8
Shoe size 4327,143Shoe size 9
Shoe size 4427,8449,5
 2844,5Shoe size 10
Shoe size 4528,54510,5
Shoe size 4629,146Shoe size 11