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About Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong to Charles and Li-Li Chan. His birth name is Chan Kong-Sang, which means something like "Chan born in Hong Kong". Jackie Chan grows up in a very poor family in a family that fled to the British colony of Hong Kong during the civil war in China. Jackie Chan's parents initially live in the ghetto, but are then employed by the French consul, where Chan's mother becomes a maid and his father becomes a cook. The family lives in an exclusive villa suburb, quite isolated from the western world. Since his father has mastered Chinese fighting techniques, he taught this chan from an early age. At the age of seven, his parents send him to a boarding school that specializes in martial arts, singing and acting. Under the guidance of a strict master, the hyperactive Chan is supposed to learn discipline, but also fighting and acting.

When the parents accept a job in Australia and cannot take the son with them, Jackie is adopted by the master of the academy. According to the school contract, Chan is bound to the head of the school for ten years. Jackie Chan follows his parents to Australia after finishing school and a rather volatile life in bars and arcades. There he worked for a long time as a construction worker and stuntman. He is returning home for his film career. Jackie Chan has been married to Taiwanese actress Lín Fèngjiāo since 1982, with whom he has a son named Jaycee Chan, who also works as a singer, actor and director.

Jackie Chan's professional history
Early in his career, Jackie Chan is often marketed as "the new Bruce Lee", who died in 1973, leaving a huge void in the Hong Kong film industry. But Chan does not see himself as a successor to Lee and creates his own style, which is characterized by wit and acrobatics. After he has gained access to the film as a stuntman and in smaller roles, he draws attention to himself with particularly daring actions and thus manages to stand out from the crowd and get hold of larger roles. Successful films in Hong Kong and flops on the American market followed, but Chan was not deterred by them. With his daring and sometimes life-threatening stunts, he gains respect and ultimately also film success in the USA: his film "Rumble In The Bronx" is his first film to be a box-office hit in US cinemas. Jackie Chan wins new fans and suddenly his old films hit the American market. Jackie Chan's filmography today includes over 80 films, over 60 of which with a leading role. In 2010 Chan is in the cinema with "Karate Kid".

Features of Jackie Chan
Thanks to his extensive language skills, actor Jackie Chan is able to dub many foreign versions of his films himself. Chan speaks English, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean, among others

Jackie Chan's greatest successes
Most of Jackie Chan's awards are related to his martial arts. He has received the film awards Best Action Design, Best Action Choreography and Best Fight, among others.