How does Xtra PC help my computer

Xtra PC experiences with the Xtra-PC Turbo 16, 32, 64. Legitimate or fraudulent?

Xtra PC review: There is currently a lot of discussion about what Xtra PC is and whether it is a decent device at all or just a scam. To answer the question "What is Xtra PC", we decided to use this gadget and ours Xtra PC experiences in this article to write down.

Updated: May 16, 2021

Xtra PC test

In this Xtra PC test we will answer the following questions: "What is Xtra PC?”; "How does Extra PC work?" "How much does it cost?". Whether you use it to salvage your old PC or just want to know if it's working - read on to get these questions answered.

Xtra PC Test - the prices

Xtra PC test: what is Xtra PC and how does it work?

Xtra PC experiences - Xtra PC test: Xtra-PC is a small USB memory stick which at first looks like any other conventional USB stick. The basis of the stick is based on Linux, which is why it should be able to bypass your outdated, not quite functioning Windows operating system.

The purpose of the stick is to "tune" your PC. This means that users of older systems are the ideal target group for this. Because who doesn't know it: the computer still works perfectly, but has been around for several years and leaves something to be desired, especially in terms of speed and performance.

What is Xtra PC? My Xtra PC experiences have shown: If you do not use your PC for extremely computationally intensive applications such as graphics work or renderings, but just want to do basic work with it and find that the computer is not (no longer) the fastest for this either, you should take a closer look at the USB stick. The basic work mentioned can be carried out with Open Office, for example. OpenOffice is a free office package. This package consists of different programs, for example for word processing, for presentation, for spreadsheets or for drawing. I have with mine Xtra PC test everything under the microscope and share my Xtra PC experiences with you here.

Xtra PC experiences: Small USB stick

Xtra PC Test - what is Xtra PC: It also includes a formula editor and a data program. OpenOffice is available for all operating systems. In order to be able to use this package as well as many other applications with your somewhat older computer at a good speed, it is advisable Xtra PC at. It could be a great and at the same time much cheaper option for you to get your computer up to date again Speed ​​and performance than buying a new computer or notebook.

Replacing the old PCs with new ones doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. It all depends on the type of computer you want to buy - a desktop PC or a notebook, with a touch screen or without a touch-sensitive display, or perhaps a convertible or a detachable. Nowadays there is a wide selection, and so are the prices - depending on how the PC is equipped. And if you have decided not to invest in a new computer just yet, but would still like a faster computer than your own, then the XtraPC Stick can be a viable solution. Because your old, deliberate computer is a thing of the past. You can only get yours through this super small stick slow computer transform it into a significantly faster computer that is more powerful at the same time.

Xtra PC experiences: PC lightning fast

Xtra PC Test - what is Xtra PC: In theory it should USB stick will make your slow PC lightning fast and increase its performance. Since it's on a USB stick, it doesn't change the files on your computer and you can still access them, which was a plus in our Xtra PC experience.

In practice it looks like this: With the stick you can effortlessly run all computer applications from your everyday life - from reading and writing e-mails to surfing the Internet or listening to music to watching films and creating texts.

Now you may not only be wondering "what is Xtra PC", but also whether you can use the stick even if the computer no longer has a hard drive or if it is broken and faulty. This can happen quickly with an older computer - the hard drives are not exactly insensitive, especially with computer models that are no longer completely fresh. But:

Here, too, I have good news for you: My Xtra PC test has shown that the stick works even if your computer either no longer has a hard drive or the hard drive is faulty or completely broken. If this is the case with you, the USB stick is of course a particularly interesting alternative to a new computer and the associated investment.

Our computers

Xtra PC experiences - what is Xtra PC: As we all know, computers are unfortunately not excluded when talking about system-impairing problems and the speed, reliability and functionality are often impaired. Our computers get more and more problems with old age, just like us humans. But that's where Xtra PC comes in and helps you out! You don't have to throw away your old, trusty computer to use your computer faster! Allegedly, the USB stick can Bring your PC back to its former glory.

Despite the many bad Xtra PC experiences and Xtra PC Test on the Internet, we are amazed at what this little device can do. Often people were amazed - “What is Xtra PC?”. They took the power of a Linux and put it on a small USB stick! Basically, your old Windows operating system is bypassed and you are using Linux as a new one - with your computer's hardware!

Also, it will work despite the missing (or faulty) hard drive. Since it works as a USB stick, all you have to do is plug in the Xtra-PC, reboot your PC and you're ready to go!


Xtra PC experiences - what is Xtra PC: The stick can, however, do a lot more than accelerate your computer and help it to perform better. Rather, it also contributes to Protect your privacy. Because with the stick you can protect your desktop computer from unwanted access by third parties. With this small USB stick it is possible not to leave any traces when using your desktop PC.

Now you may be wondering how that can be and what that means with that USB stick has to do. The answer is very simple: If you use the Xtra-PC Stick with your computer, you are not working with your computer's operating system. Rather, you use the operating system of the Xtra-PC stick. The consequence of this is that existing documents cannot be changed.

Xtra PC Test - what is Xtra PC: But if you know that, you can work with it. What is much more important about it: You work with a completely independent operating system. Only you have access to it - no one else. No external person - no one can gain unauthorized access to your computer and therefore your data. That is a wonderful side effect - through the increase of speed and performance out.

Xtra PC experiences - what is Xtra PC: And since you read my site regularly and always follow the latest information here, you surely know how enormously important the protection of your privacy and the security of your data is. For me personally, security is one of the most essential aspects of my computer. And that's exactly why I'm not only an outspoken fan of virtual private networks, which contribute an important part to the safety of the user in his online activities, but I also think a lot of the Xtra-PC Stick.

The stick has an invaluable advantage: you can every pc completely safe to use. Your data is protected and unauthorized third parties cannot access it at any time. This also protects against virus attack.

Xtra PC Test: More functions

When we asked ourselves "What is Xtra PC" and when we thought in our Xtra PC test that the device was only for saving our outdated PCs, we discovered another wonderful feature: privacy and security. Why? Since you do not have the operating system of your PC but the Use the stick's Linux system you can use your computer without leaving any traces of your (web) activities. Unless you are calling up old files from your computer, which I can regard as unlikely in most cases.

It's a great feature that has made our Xtra PC experience even more positive, even if Xtra-PC doesn't seem to be marketing you. With the new speed and capacity, you can surf the internet without being tracked or spied onwhich also lowers the chances of getting viruses. The USB stick It also gives you security for online banking, checking e-mails and much more.

My Xtra PC experiences have shown: When asked "What is Xtra PC”There is also the fact that the USB stick increases your security. But if you want to go one step further, it is best to look for a VPN that supports Linux. As a result, your data is dead-safe and you will definitely remain anonymous when you go online. In addition, all your information remains with you regardless of the system if you have the USB stick with you.

If it is powered by Linux to make it extremely fast, it has to be extremely expensive too, doesn't it? But since it is supposed to save you from buying a new computer, so should it affordable be. This is true The USB stick is expensive but still.

But don't worry! The question "What is Xtra PC?" therefore does not have to be answered with “an overpriced piece of metal”. In contrast to a new computer, it is much cheaper. There are several versions that differ in size, capacity and speed. Here are our Xtra PC experiences and facts:

»Turbo 16

TheXtra-PC Turbo 16is the cheapest and most basic version of the USB stick. The regular price is included 50$, but with sale you can save 30%. It has 16 GB of memory which allows you to surf the Internet, watch videos and play online games at high speeds. According to our Xtra PC experience, the Turbo 16 is probably the best size of all three versions.

»Turbo 32

Our Xtra PC test showed us that the Xtra-PC Turbo 32 the most popular version is. The regular price of this version is 83$, but with Sale you can save almost half. If you compare the Turbo 32 with the Turbo 16, our Xtra PC experiences show that the more expensive version is faster and offers more memory. Due to its compactness, it is despite better functions the smallest device of all three. Should the answer to "What is Xtra PC?" "A complete overhaul for my PC" for you, the Turbo 32 is probably the perfect choice.

»Turbo 64

The Xtra PC test showed that the Xtra-PC Turbo 64. This fine device saves your data with its 64GB storage capacity regardless of whether it is photos, videos, documents or music. With its lightning-fast speed you can hardly recognize your outdated snail PC. But what is best about this device is that FileRez software.

With it you can get back all the important data from your old Windows PC - even if it has crashed. So don't worry if you don't have a backup for them yet! Because this USB stick is larger than its two neighboring versions, you will hardly lose it. The Turbo 64 is standard for 160$ sold, but with sale at half price.

Regardless of your model choice, you get a 30-day subscription Refund warrantyin case you want to return your gadget. You can also get a full refund if you are not satisfied. However, they have strict guidelines on how to do this, so be considerate of them. However, we don't think you would even consider this as our Xtra PC experience has been good.

Xtra PC test - use the stick on the go

Xtra PC experiences - what is Xtra PC: Now you have read a lot about the Xtra-PC Stick. And maybe you are already of the opinion that you would like to try the gadget to make your computer faster and more efficient. There is even another argument why the stick could be very suitable for you - because: It is ideal technical equipment for travel.

So if you travel a lot and like to travel, it is also worth taking a closer look at the USB stick. Especially if you are staying in business hotels. Because, as you may know, there are often business centers equipped with computers. Guests can use these for their work at any time. If you also want to use these computers and be particularly secure, simply take your Xtra-PC stick with you to the Business Center.

My Xtra PC test has shown: With this stick you can use the computers there safely and absolutely safely with your own operating system. Because you work with the public computer in combination with your stick exactly as if it were your own PC. So you don't have to worry about your data. In the business environment in particular, you certainly have sensitive data that should never fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties. To ensure this also with public computers, you can simply connect the stick and move around safely on the computer, even if you log into your accounts in social networks, for example, or if you want to take a look at your account.

For high security on the Internet: Use a VPN with the stick

What I also tried in my Xtra PC test: You can use the XtraPC stick with a virtual private network use for Linux. Again, this is an important aspect to your business protect sensitive data. Because about that VPN it is possible to navigate the Internet completely safely and anonymously. All online activities are thus protected against unauthorized access.

This combination of stick and VPN is perfect for on the go. You can of course also use the stick at home. The best thing to do is to get a computer and use it only with the Xtra-PC Stick. If someone tries to log into your PC when you are not at the computer yourself, this person will not have access to your data.

It is therefore not possible for anyone to view data without permission. Because all data is on the stick and not on your computer. You can easily put the stick in your pocket or even in your shirt, pants or jacket pocket. It is so small that it is hardly noticeable in it. This gives you the option of securely accessing your data anytime, anywhere and protecting it comprehensively against unauthorized access.

Our verdict at the Xtra PC test - our Xtra PC experiences

Despite the many claims that Linux is an open source operating system and that you can install it yourself for free, the Xtra USB stick does a great job. He is user friendly enough to be able to be used without a lot of technical knowledge and our Xtra PC experiences are largely positive. Especially the old computers are finally usable again!

If you are a big fan of software like Microsoft Office, it will be difficult to adapt to alternative Office suites. Since your system works with Linux with this USB stick, you cannot necessarily use all of the functions you are familiar with. All in all, we think that Xtra-PC is legitimate to use and would like to use it recommend to everyone.


frequently asked Questions

What is Xtra PC?

Are you wondering "What is Xtra PC"? You can find the answer here in this article. It is a small USB stick that you can use to make your computer faster again.

What is the benefit of Xtra PC?

In addition to the fact that your computer will be fit again with the small stick, you will also save a lot of money. You don't have to buy an expensive new calculator if your calculator is no longer the fastest. Rather, simply add this small USB stick - and you're done.

What happens to the files on my computer?

You don't have to worry that your files on the computer may no longer be found on the USB stick. Because the files on the computer are not changed. You can still access it as usual.

  • Erthonte privacy
  • Works on Mac or Windows PC 12 years or later
  • User friendly