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Jackie Chan biography

The Chinese actor and singer Jackie Chan was born as Chan Kong Sang in Hong Kong on April 7th, 1954. He grew up in poor conditions. He enjoyed his training at the renowned Beijing Opera School, where he was taught acrobatics, dance, singing and martial arts, among other things.

Jackie Chan had his first role in a film in 1962 at the age of seven. More than 30 years would pass before his breakthrough in Hollywood. In the meantime, Chan worked as a stuntman and was also successful as a singer in China.

He made his breakthrough in America in 1994 with "Rumble in the Bronx". Since then, Jackie Chan has been known worldwide as the most famous actor in the Material Arts films, a special direction of action films in which breathtaking acrobatics and Far Eastern martial arts are shown.

To date, Jackie Chan has appeared in more than 80 films. He has suffered numerous injuries and now has some stunts done by specially trained stunt men.

Nevertheless, his popularity remains high - for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (China) he sings the official countdown song "We are ready".

Well-known films with Chan from the recent past are "Rush Hour 1-3" (1998 to 2007), "Shang-High Noon" (2000 with Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu), "Around the World in 80 Days" (2003) and " Rob-B-Hood "(2006).

His latest project is the film "The Forbidden Kingdom", which will be shown in theaters in 2008. In the same year, the film "The Shinjuku Incident" appears.

Due to his extensive knowledge of languages ​​(including English, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese), Jackie Chan dubbed his films for several countries himself. In Germany, the voice actor Stefan Gossler has been doing this job for a number of years.

The actor has been married to the Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-Jiao since 1982. The two have a son together. Chan also has an illegitimate daughter from an affair.

He is intensely committed to social projects and donates a lot to charitable institutions.


2008: The Forbidden Kingdom; The Shinjuku Incident

2007: Rush hour 3

2006: Rob-B-Hood; City breaks- Jackie Chan's Hong Kong

2005: The myth

2004: New Police Story; Enter The Phoenix; The Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose

2003: In 80 days around the world; Traces of a dragon; The Twins Effect; The medallion; Shanghai Knights

2002: The Tuxedo danger is approaching

2001: Rush hour 2; Reluctant spy

2000: Shang-High Noon

1999: Under control

1998: Rush hour; Jackie Chan is nobody; Go to Hell Hollywood

1997: Mr. Nice Guy

1996: Jackie Chan's first strike

1995: Thunderbolt

1994: Rumble in the Bronx; Drunken Master

1993: Hard to die; City Hunter

1992: Police Story 3

1991: Twin Dragons

1990: The prisoner; Mission Adler- The strong arm of the gods

1989: Miracles

1988: Police Story 2

1987: Project B; Action Hunter

1986: The right arm of the gods

1985: Police story; Powerman 3; The protector; Powerman 2; Tokyo Powerman

1984: Powerman

1983: All hell has broken loose on the highway; Winners and Sinners; The superfighter; Superfighter 2

1982: Dragon lord; The super fist

1981: All hell breaks loose on the highway

1980: Masters of all classes; The big fight

1979: Dragon hero; Two rascals in the bone mill

1978: Karate bombers; Master of death; Master of all grades 2; The serpent in the eagle's shadow; They called him Bone Breaker

1977: Jackie Chan- The Challenger; The invincible of the Shaolin

1976: Tiger of death arena; Wooden Man; Dragon forever; Two fists ... stronger than Bruce Lee

1975: All in the family

1974: Rumble in Hong Kong; Masters of all classes 3

1973: The man with the death claw

1972: Blood fingers; Hapkido; The Young Tiger

1971: The master with the broken hands; The Heroine

1969: A touch of zen

1966: The sword of the yellow tigress

1964: The Story of Qui Xiang Lin

1963: The Love Eternal

1962: Big and Little Wong Tin Bar

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