Why do airlines have dress codes

Dress code on board

In the opera, at weddings, in night clubs - all places where a dress code would be nothing new. But a dress code on the plane? If the American passenger association Flyers Rights has its way, there will soon be regulations on board what you can and cannot wear. The head of the organization, asked the American television station Fox. "The airlines should take a step in the right direction," says Kate Hanni. The travelers should know how to behave. This would avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences.

Background of the request: In the past few months there have been more incidents in which the clothing of the passengers had caused an uproar. For example, in June, when a 65-year-old businessman irritated his fellow travelers on a US Airways flight - he was wearing women's underwear. The man, who does not want to give his name, told Fox that he had often traveled with the airline in women's clothes. He rarely got into trouble because of this. When asked to change, he obeyed.

Polarize baggy pants

Then only a few weeks later the next incident. Same airline, different passenger. This time he was even arrested. A football player refused to pull up his baggy pants. According to passenger representative Hanni, something like this only happens because the airlines have not made any clear statements about what is allowed and what is not. Most airlines have only stipulated in their rules of conduct that clothing that is uncomfortable to touch or irritates other passengers will not be tolerated. The flight attendants then make the decision on a case-by-case basis.

Airlines grace themselves in front of the step. If you set the dress code, it could have complicated legal consequences. The initiative already has a prominent opponent. Virgin boss Richard Branson told American television that subjecting passengers to narrow-minded rules from the outset was impolite and improper.