Should people with dementia drink alcohol

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Hello everybody,
I'm Tina, 48, and our father has dementia. How long he has been in this "state", I cannot say. He was with his girlfriend in southern Germany for 25 years and we only had sporadic contact, mostly by telephone. When it became too much of a burden for his Olle, she broke up and basically gave him back to us. Just as a brief explanation.
For almost 1.5 years now, my sister and I have been looking after him, in connection with the care service and meals on wheels.

Now to my real problem. My father always enjoyed drinking beer, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always. I would call him an alcoholic, a mirror drinker. When the mirror is reached, it's good. This is usually the case after 2 bottles (0.5 l) and he only drinks them in the evening. At first, when he got back here, it worked out pretty well. It was and is clear to us that we no longer give him the habit, so we have come to terms with the situation. He always had the boxes in the apartment and we got supplies when it was empty. There were also 1 or 2 days here where he didn't have one, because nobody was shopping. That was also possible.
A few weeks ago we had the situation that he drank 2 boxes in one week and he simply didn't notice it. It's dark early, he doesn't look at his watch and he is then in a situation where he doesn't know that he has already drunk 1, 2 or 3 bottles. Since he mostly just crouches in his apartment anyway, he and those around him do not of course notice it. When we asked him about it, because he naturally asked for more supplies, he got really angry because he was of the opinion that that couldn't be. He ALWAYS only drinks 2 bottles (long-term memory).
We bought him beer again, but left the crates with my sister and divided them up for him. My sister lives nearby and he keeps passing by anyway. She was now on sick leave for a longer period and was then able to control it quite well. She either gave it to him or put it out. It definitely worked. But now she's going back to work and says (rightly) that she doesn't want him to sit at the table every day after work. It may sound bad to one or the other, after all, he's our father, but so much has happened here over the years and he was also gone for 25 years.
Now he had a crate of beer in the apartment again and how could it be otherwise ... in 5 days the crate was empty and he's back on my sister's mat and calls me. He forgets that she has already told him 5 times that he doesn't get one, or that she doesn't have one. We really don't know any more advice. What should we do? Apart from the fact that it is not good for your health, of course there is also a lot of money and he only gets a small pension.
Does anyone already have experience with it or have a tip on how we can deal with this situation without us both turning the wheel. The hope that at some point he will simply forget that he drinks beer has unfortunately not been fulfilled with all the tricks up to now.

Thanks in advance for reading :-)