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Disney TV in Germany

For everyone who loves the world of Disney, there are Disney channels: On Free TV, the Disney Channel offers programs for the whole family and on Pay TV, Disney operates the German-language subscription TV channel Disney Junior. For those interested in topics such as science, adventure, research and animals, the pay-TV channels National Geographic and National Geographic WILD offer inspiring entertainment with captivating documentaries and documentary series. If, on the other hand, you rely on bold and captivating entertainment with international, award-winning series such as “The Walking Dead”, the series broadcaster FOX is the right place for you.

The free TV station Disney Channel shows popular series and films for children and families: during the day child-friendly entertainment and in prime time - from 8:15 pm - “My evening on Disney Channel” with high-quality series and films mainly for adults.

Next My series evening on Monday evening the Disney Channel will show the most beautiful films that touch the heart, take you to other worlds and are fun! Every Friday and Saturday viewers can look forward to the Disney Channel Favorite Movies with exciting adventures and unique stories for the whole family.

In addition, the Disney Channel offers numerous event programming, such as MONSTOBER for Halloween or CHRISTMAS MAGIC in December, in which viewers can look forward to daily feature film highlights in the evening.

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Disney Channel received

Disney Junior is Disney's ad-free preschool channel specifically designed for children aged 2-7 and their parents.

The program combines Disney's storytelling and the most popular Disney characters from then and now with language-promoting games, creative handicraft ideas, tips for a healthy lifestyle and the playful learning of important social skills. With series such as MICKY MAUS WUNDERHAUS, BLUEY, DIE WELPEN FREUNDE or VAMPIRINA and the handicraft show ART ATTACK, Disney Junior would like to encourage the youngest viewers to laugh along, sing along, dance along - and above all have a lot of fun together.

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Disney Junior welcomed: Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone

FOX is the station for bold and captivating entertainment: with series that are more daring, with characters that offend, and with twists that demand a lot. With multiple award-winning and internationally award-winning series such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, War of the Worlds or The Good Fight, FOX redefines the limits of good entertainment every day.

FOX received: Sky, Vodafone, 1 & 1 and Deutsche Telekom

National Geographic offers you inspiring entertainment with captivating documentaries and documentary series in German and in the original English. Here you will experience the fascination and uniqueness of this world. With a variety of topics and undiscovered stories, we will show you life as impressively as it really is.

National Geographic received: Sky, Sky Ticket, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, M7, PYUR and 1 & 1

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - with National Geographic WILD! We take you to the most pristine places on earth. We show you the world of animals in all its facets. We bring the wilderness to your screen! Up close. Fascinating. Unadulterated! Discover the last secrets of nature with our experts and let yourself be inspired by the spectacular images of the world's best animal filmmakers.

Receive National Geographic Wild: Sky, Sky Ticket, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and 1 & 1

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