How do you cultivate a powerful mind

The second wing of the spirit bird is planning for the future. Don't make plans for the future. Be free like a bird and like the air. Watch them Vrittis. Crush their buds. Do not fulfill your desires. That's the big secret. Discard them. Desire is fuel for the mind. Thoughts are fire. The fire (thoughts) are kept alive by the fuel (desire). Thoughts and desires coexist. If you do not add fuel (desire), the fire of thoughts will slowly go out. Then kick Manonasha (the dissolution of the mind) a. The mind goes in Brahman on. The mind melts in Brahman, into the silence, like a doll made of salt dissolves when it swims in the water. The mind experiences Laya (resolution) in Brahman.

Only when you hope will you experience disappointment. Your duty is to act. Don't worry about the results or fruits. Work with Samabuddhi (indifferent mind). Practice in Samabuddhitva (equanimity). Be above success and failure. This is the only way you will always be successful. Defeat is just a step to tremendous success. Do not cultivate hopes or expectations. After all, it is God who instigates and awakens everything, who inspires and carries out. Let us be one with His will.

The world is a huge wheel. It turns ceaselessly. The mind is the hub of this wheel. People who are selfish, proud, passionate and greedy get caught in this wheel. If you can calm the mind, the world wheel will come to a standstill and you will be freed from the eternal dance of death and rebirth. If you want the mind to stop spinning, you must turn off selfishness, pride, desire, and greed.

In the spirit of those who are peaceful and equally good and kind to all beings, the truth comes out on its own. Peace of mind is achieved by pulling out all desires and thoughts. When desires and thoughts are brought under control, the mind becomes calm like a lake that is not moved by the wind. That peace cannot be obtained in a week or in a month. Long practice is crucial.

The ghost flies around wildly like a drunken bee. Pull the Indriyas from things. Get rid of all charms and attractions. Control the Prana. Seal the openings in the body. Just like you can capture an elephant, you can now captivate the mind. Just as a soldier slays his enemies with a sword, who rise up against him again and again, so you can put down all thoughts of things if they keep coming back. If all Vrittis die, you come into a state of spiritual darkness. Remove that darkness through discernment. Then you get a shining light. Go beyond this stage. You will have to cross a land of emptiness. Then you will sleep and Moha (Deception) have to cross. Eventually you will be in Nirvikalpa Samadhi enter.

Prana vibrates for as long Vasanas are in the mind. The spirit lives as long as it takes the form of things. The Indriyas work as long as they perceive the things that correspond to them. Prana dies when the two currents, attraction and repulsion of things, are eliminated. The Indriyas if they die by practicing dispassion, through Dama (Sensory control) and Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses) be withdrawn from their things.

With the destruction of the Vasanas and Sankalpas if you melt the mind, you eradicate it. With the death of the spirit you eliminate egoism. With the destruction of egoism you realize the self. With the knowledge of the self, you gain self-knowledge. With self-knowledge you become free from all kinds of suffering, grief, and misery. You enjoy the highest, unclouded bliss of the Eternal and become Him.

Vasanas and Prana are the two seeds for the tree of the spirit. If you control either, you control both.

Have no indulgence with your mind. Keep all of your senses and desires under tight control. Control the mind like this: “Oh Spirit, I have advised you a thousand times to stop wandering and seek the lotus feet of God. Stop hiking or I'll kill you in an instant. "

Close your eyes. Destroy the Vasanas (of the body, the world and from book knowledge). Withdraw the ghost. Identify yourself with the Sakshi (the silent observer of the mind).

Tear the veil of ignorance to shreds. Catch the leaping deer - the spirit - with the noose of exploration and of Brahma Chintana (Consciousness of the Absolute). Ride on the elephant of the knowledge of your self and roam freely over the high roads through the peaks of the absolute wisdom of the self.

First, you should conquer the mind by exploring the question “Who am I?” (Vichara). As long as the mind is not destroyed, they will Vasana stick to you again and again and you will find no peace. When the mind thinks of nothing, when all vasanas have been taken from it, you attain a state of mindlessness and enjoy indescribable peace. As long as you have not yet recognized your self, as long as you have not yet controlled your mind, you should unconditionally follow the teachings of your guru and the instructions of the scriptures.

When you look at things, the mind invades them. If you do not perceive the object, it enters your mind. It is very difficult for you to free yourself from the crutches of sensual objects. However, if you dwell like a sakshi (silent observer), you evade their influence. So cultivate that Sakshi Bhava (the attitude of an observer) and be an observer of the Vrittis (Thought waves). The peace of the Eternal will fill you.

Do not try to control the mind by force. You will not succeed in doing this. It is necessary to take up the tried or prescribed ways, namely, to seek the company of sages, Vichara, the renunciation of Vasanas, Pranayama etc. Trying to control the mind by force is like trying to tie an angry elephant with a thin string or a banana fiber. Just like the stick is an effective tool in controlling an angry elephant Vichara the effective tool for controlling the mind.

In the Katha Upanishad one finds written:


"Anyone who does not know the distinction and whose mind is always uncontrolled has uncontrolled senses (horses) like the unbridled horses of a coachman. However, those who understand and have the mind under control have controlled senses like the obedient horses of a coachman Possessing discernment and leaving his mind uncontrolled and always impure, does not reach the goal, but remains in the cycle of death and rebirth one is no longer born again. He who understands the driver and holds the reins of the spirit will reach the destination of his journey, and that is the highest abode of Vishnu. " [Kaṭhopaniṣad 3.5-9]

Worldly duties are not fetters. This world is the best teacher. You are not required to renounce this world and withdraw into a cave in the Himalayas in order to regain your lost divinity. The world cannot stand in the way of your knowledge of God. Live in the world, but do not allow the world to live in you. He who reaches perfection in the midst of the temptations of this world is a true hero.

A yogi or sannyasin who can maintain calm while living in a cave in the forest and complain of disturbances of the mind when living in a busy city has no control of the mind. He has no inner spiritual strength. He is not a true vedante. He has no self-knowledge. He did not reach the goal of life. He's still trapped in the realm of Maya. A real yogi, a real one Vedantin, is one who keeps the mind in perfect calm while engaging in intense activities in the midst of the tumult of a city. This is the central teaching of the Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna says, "Remember me always and fight."

He gave Arjuna his instructions to fight. Although initially discouraged, Arjuna gained spiritual strength and fought on the battlefield.

Despite your hard attempts and strict ones Sadhana this mysterious world will overwhelm you. Be aware. Earn the spiritual wealth of Moksha. Rise above temptation. Rise above good and bad. Live in God. Live in the iron fortress of fellowship with wise people. No temptation, no Satan and none Maya can overcome them. No Maya can penetrate into them.

Victory over the spirit means victory over death. To triumph over the tyranny of matter and flesh is to triumph over death. That is the achievement of Atma Svarajya239, of immortality. That is the goal of life. This is the Kaivalya the Vedantins or the absolute freedom of Raja Yogis. It can only be attained through intense spiritual practice and constant meditation on the immortal self.