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"A campus like a small town" is how Sarah Hofmann describes the campus of the Virginia Polytech Institute and State University, Virginia Tech for short. "There is everything there: dormitory, cafeteria, sports facilities and even its own police force. It is so spacious that you sometimes have to take buses to get from A to B." The student of printing and media technology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences experienced the campus in the USA for three weeks as a Fulbright scholarship holder as part of a summer institute.


A turkey as a mascot

Not only the campus, but also the American students are very different from the German ones. It starts with the connection to the university: "Everyone identifies with their university. Everyone wears a Virginia Tech shirt and there is even their own mascot: a wine-red turkey called" Hokie ". This is how the students at Virginia call themselves Tech himself. The moment when a passer-by addressed Hofmann because of her shirt with "Wow - you're a hokie!" Was a very special one for her. "Being part of it all made me incredibly proud."


Food culture in American

Handover of the Fulbright certificate by David Clubb (Dean of the "Student Office") (Photo: Sarah Hofmann)
In addition to Hofmann, 23 other scholarship holders from Germany studied at the university. Together they worked on various study projects and spent their free time in the surrounding cities and hiking in nature. The Munich resident got to know American culture. One cliché in particular was confirmed: nutrition. "The locals actually often eat burgers, French fries and other unhealthy things. The cafeteria has everything: Mac and cheese, pizza, wraps, donuts, burgers, five different kinds of cola, but only one tap for water."


Repetition desired

At the end of her stay, Hofmann not only confirmed the image of eating habits in the USA, but also that of the universities: "Studying in the United States is great! The universities offer an incredible amount and, above all, the interdisciplinary approach convinced me I would be very happy to go there again someday. "


She has published all the stories and pictures of Sarah Hofmann's stay in the USA on her blog, which can be accessed via this link.


About the Fulbright Scholarship:

The Fulbright scholarship is awarded twice a year to Bachelor students from German universities of applied sciences. Applicants must meet certain criteria such as special academic achievements, good English skills and a high level of interest in the USA. Students who receive the scholarship take three weeks of summer institutes at various universities, this year the Virginia Polytech Institute and State University and Washington & Jefferson College.


For those interested:

The application for the first Fulbright Scholarship 2019 runs until November and can be found under this link.



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