How do challenges work in tennis

Trend towards digitization: tennis clubs master corona challenges

After the mostly closed tennis halls in winter, the longing for outdoor tennis is greater than ever. Tennis courts are being eagerly prepared for the upcoming season, some facilities are already being played or there have been hardly any interruptions to outdoor play due to all-weather courts. The tennis boom in the last year also brought to light an increasingly rare group who keep the operation of many tennis clubs alive with great time commitment: Volunteers and officials.

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Digitization is making its way into sport and offers many facets. There are advantages for the classic hobby player, the ambitious frequent player but also for officials. We asked clubs and looked at digital tennis club management systems such as

1.) Functionaries save time

Whether in member management, reservation, processing of claims pyramids or club championships - digital tools help to save time and time is the most valuable commodity for many. Complicated Excel lists that are compared with account statements are a thing of the past - membership fee accounting with online payment or SEPA direct debits are the future.

We notice the great desire of many officials to automate certain processes in the clubs in order to save time and use time for more important things: looking for sponsors, youth work and much more requires personal commitment. Membership fee accounting or statistical evaluations must no longer be time wasters in 2021, where it is already an ever greater challenge to find volunteer officials. In the club's eTennis portal, potential new members can also find all information, ideally they can become members directly, pay the membership fee online and immediately book a place for the next tennis lesson.

DI Andreas Munk, CEO eTennis

2.) Digital helpers for Corona recommendations

In order to ensure that the general recommendation to follow up contacts, there are, in addition to the analog note on the tennis court, many advantages that speak in favor of a digital system. An evaluation is possible at the push of a button and a breakdown of different starting times per seat is also possible in order to control the flow of visitors. Booking rules can also be used to create your own time zones or places for different age groups.

In spring 2020, due to the Corona regulations, we were forced to ensure contact tracing. There was a choice between keeping handwritten lists or an online reservation system. The advantages of the online reservation system were obvious: secure data storage, easy use from home, unnecessary contact avoidance due to waiting times on the system. When looking for a system, the following was important to us: fast availability and easy use of the software for our members. The provider eTennis convinced us so much that we terminated our existing contract with our provider of the booking system for the tennis hall and switched to eTennis.

Timo Steinbeck, Kassel tennis club 1931

3.) Revitalization of the association

Clubs can be stimulated with demand pyramids or club tournaments. Thanks to digitization, such competitions are also possible without the enormous effort of volunteer officials. In the case of online challenge pyramids, participation is very easy, the rules are visualized and only one click is necessary to challenge another player. The game date is booked in the calendar, the game result is entered, confirmed by the opponent and the first game in the demands pyramid is already over. It works in a similar way for tournaments, which can be automated from registration to the final result.

We use the online tennis court reservation, the member administration and also the claims pyramid. This saves us a lot of time in administration and with the first list of claims in 20 years, we immediately played over 100 games in the first season.

Martin Tüchler, TC St.Bartholomä

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