Are INFJs more of a people-lover

10 things every INFJ personality type should know

INFJ is one of the Myers and Briggs personality types. INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. As an introvert, INFJ feels better when spending time alone. People with this type of personality are generally intuitive because they focus more on ideas and concepts than facts and details. INFJs' decisions are based on values ​​and feelings. People with the INFJ personality type are not spontaneous; They like to plan and organize. It is the rarest personality type and comprises around one to three percent of the world's population. They tend to be reserved, private, and reflective. Some people think INFJs are shy, but that's just a misunderstanding.


People with the INFJ personality type are known to be motivated, creative, and resourceful. They don't like to be presumptuous and they like to be accepted for who they are. Also known as lawyers, they have a high sense of morality and idealism.

INFJs speak softly, are strong-willed or have high opinion, and always fight for what they think is right. It is difficult for an INFJ to use their strong-willed nature for profit. Rather, they like to use this energy to create a balance in situations.

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Let's look at what every INFJ should know.

  1. INFJs are introverted and extroverted at the same time

As an INFJ, you enjoy spending time alone and enjoying your privacy. However, there are times when INFJs feel extroverted and want to be with people, but not for long periods of time. Most of INFJ's friends and acquaintances know her as extroverted and sociable. People in such a friendship can get confused because INFJs are sometimes overwhelmed and simply withdraw from people. INFJs are selective when it comes to choosing their real friends.

  1. INFJs love to help people

People with INFJ personalities love to help others and make the world a better place for everyone. Though strong-willed and determined, INFJs do not use this for their profits, but use it to help others. When people are in trouble, INFJs are happy to provide thoughtful advice rather than telling you what to or shouldn't do. Instead, they help you find the solution to your problem on your terms. Most INFJs see that their main purpose in life is to help other people. INFJs enjoy getting involved in charities and non-governmental organizations. They really care about other people's well-being.

  1. INFJs love meaningful conversation

People with the INFJ personality type do not like to talk and prefer deep, meaningful conversations. INFJs are naturally introverted and don't enjoy socializing. Small talk is polite and nice, and keeps emotional intimacy away. Small talk doesn't help you learn new things about others, and that's why INFJs don't prefer them. INFJs would like to know something about the inner world of others and talk more about meaningful life issues. However, they are great conversationalists and can easily read people and thereby sense the feelings of others. They are very empathetic and can feel the pain or the joy that you feel. This leads them to accept the world's problems. Many people who consider themselves INFJs end up seeking the help of a professional counselor who can help them meet their own needs rather than constantly pleasing people. People with INFJ personality traits are creative and this helps them have creative and informative discussions.


  1. You are creative

INFJ personality types are very creative and resourceful. You are compassionate and use this strength to help people solve their problems. They enjoy finding solutions in all areas of life and their imagination helps them make sense of everything. INFJs are passionate about using their creativity to help others through their troubles. The INFJ personality trait of being intuitive helps them be creative, especially in writing and art. They have an excellent ability to bring their intuition to the outside world. Your creative nature can prove useful in careers as a writer, artist, and consultant. They are also good at advising people because they can easily find the right answer to the person who needs advice. You can easily find different ways to solve the same problem.

  1. An INFJ is determined and passionate

When INFJs believe something is of value, they often pursue it with great conviction. They are calm but have a wild passion for everything that is important to them. Her determination and passion for what interests her can sometimes come as a surprise to those around her. Sometimes their determination and passion can be perceived as stubborn. It doesn't always work to their advantage, and it may be a liability to the INFJs rather than an asset. In certain situations, e.g. When in conflict, looking for a career, or dealing with disgusting facts, the INFJ's determination and passion can be a challenge.

  1. INFJs enjoy their privacy

INFJs enjoy having time to themselves, and their friends are often surprised when they pull away. There are days when they just want to switch off and not be disturbed by anyone. The reason for withdrawing is not that they are antisocial; Rather, it's because they like to recharge their energy by spending time alone. Time alone helps them clear their thoughts and their lives and experiences. It's hard for a person with an INFJ personality to really open up, even to their close friends. They like to keep their personal life private. While making friends isn't difficult for them, it is often a challenge for INFJs to trust the new friends.

7. Very intuitive

Their intuition is very strong and it is as if they have a sixth sense or can even predict the future. INFJs have strong guesses that some people may consider psychic forces. However, this story is just a result of their ability to spot patterns in different scenarios and connect the dots to draw conclusions.

INFJs can recognize intrinsic patterns and examine the relationships to determine their meaning. When you have INFJ personality traits and something is wrong and deep down you feel that it is not right, it is good to listen to your voice. Because of their strong intuition, they trust their instincts so much that they are likely to ignore the opinions of others, which in turn can lead to conflict.


  1. INFJ's career

The INFJ personality type is also known as an advocate or advisor. They are creative, intuitive, and empathetic, and are often best suited to introverted careers. They are dedicated workers, but they prefer to work behind the scenes. However, when asked to lead, they do so successfully. INFJs prefer careers with a peaceful work environment. Most of INFJ's personality types are likely to be found in careers that add to the well-being of other members of society. They are dedicated and helpful employees who can carry out complex projects in organizations that work for humanitarian causes.

People with INFJ personality traits should choose a career that matches their values. They mostly choose careers in the consulting and health sectors. Roles like doctors, spiritual roles, counselors, and psychologists are attractive options for people with INFJ personality traits. Their creative minds help them with careers in engineering and science. People with this type of personality are likely to change their careers too often until they find one that matches their strong values.

  1. Likes to plan everything in advance and be overly organized

INFJs don't like spontaneity and they enjoy it when everything is well planned and organized. INFJs are organized in nature and likely use planners. INFJs are idealists and place great value on the future. When an INFJ decides to do something, it will be done and it is just a matter of when it will be done. The tendency to plan everything helps INFJs track their progress towards the goals set. INFJs should strive to organize every task they can, but be careful not to overdo it.


  1. INFJ's strong sense of emotion

People with the INFJ personality type have a strong sense of emotion. They are often empathetic towards others and can sometimes neglect their own feelings. INFJs have the natural ability to understand other people's emotions, and they can sense the emotions of those around them. You can notice even the slightest change in other people's moods and likely know when something is wrong.

INFJs can not only feel how others are feeling emotionally, but also physically. A person with this type of personality can even feel the physical pain of those around them. People with the INFJ personality type are very good at dealing with intense emotions without becoming frustrated. On the contrary, INFJs are likely to become people-lovers, and selfish people can abuse them.

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Do you have an INFJ personality type? If you can relate to most of the above traits, chances are you have an INFJ personality type. Learn more about your INFJ personality type by contacting us at BetterHelp Consultants.