How to pay for graphic design


Scope of use:

(4) Scope of use: low (one-time use / one-off occasions) - For advertising only, NO sale!
Examples: letterhead, business card, shop sign, cover sheet for documents, name tag, sticker, wall sticker, shop window advertising, vehicle lettering, engagement or wedding card.

(5) Scope of use: medium (multiple use / recurring occasions or seasonal events) - For advertising only, NO sale!
Examples: flyers, brochures, posters, advertising posters, Christmas card, Easter card, birthday card, New Year card, greeting card, invitation card, greeting card, postcard. Examples from (4) inclusive.

(6) Scope of use: high (extensive use / for printable goods and products) - For advertising AND sales!
Examples: product packaging, labels, illustrations for specialist brochures or brochures, book illustrations, book and CD / DVD covers. Examples from (4) and (5) inclusive (taking into account the exception to 6).

Exception to (6): If the area of ​​use "worldwide" (spatial) and the usage time with "unlimited" (temporally) has been elected, then may Book illustrations, online, within a eBooks can be mapped. This exception applies to Book covers, CD / DVD covers, game covers, product packaging, labels, specialist brochures and brochures. These may be used on the Internet, taking into account the two conditions (geographical: worldwide, temporal: unlimited). In this context, the works also for download Tobe offered.

The example areas within points (1-5) remain unaffected by this exception and may continue to do so for print purposes only be used. If you use the example areas from (1-5) digital on the internet would like to use, then please use the terms of use or the Usage factor for: online / digital media / TV.