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Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Treats are an American treat that is essentially made up of Breakfast cereals (Rice Krispies mostly, but others too) and Marshmallows consists. Traditionally, the crowd is in bars cut, but it can also be made into other shapes. Rice Krispies Treats like to serve as motif cakes fillerto save weight and material on large figures or 3D cakes. It thus serves as an "edible styrofoam" (quote from Jens from the Cake Company).

The basic recipe of rice krispies and marshmallows can be adapted, both by choosing different breakfast cereals and by adding nuts, chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, sweets and other "dry" ingredients.

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Rice Krispies:I'm using Kellogs' Rice Krispies as an ingredient because it's traditionally used in American recipes. These are light, rice-grain-shaped, crispy breakfast cereals. Unfortunately, they are hardly available here in Germany, at most online * or now and then as promotional goods at Lidl and Co.

However, any other breakfast cereal can also be used. The recipe works best with small grains, so the Choco Krispies from Kellogs * are the best substitute. Especially if you don't like it that sweet, you should use the oat flakes from K├ÂlnHaferfleks ** (natural or chocolate), these are also small and not so heavily sweetened. Other cornflakes, krispies and similar products are also possible. However, the modeling ability is limited with larger grains. Also, more or less marshmallows may be needed to hold the kernels together.

Marshmallows:White marshmallows are neutral in color, but there is nothing against using colored marshmallows. It doesn't really matter whether small or large. The marshmallows should be as fresh as possible (pay attention to the expiration date!), As older, drier marshmallows do not melt as well and the rice krispies do not stick together as well. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be that a little more or less marshmallows have to be used.

Crispy no-bake snack made from breakfast cereals and marshmallows
Crispy no-bake snack made from breakfast cereals and marshmallows
Preparation time10 mins
Here you can change the number of pieces or portions. If you want to convert the recipe from one baking pan to another, use KuUm. Then enter the number of servings corrected by the factor below.
makes about 900ml - enough for a plate of 15cm x 15cm x 4cm.
  • 50g butter or Palmin Soft if better shelf life is desired
  • 200g marshmallows
  • 160gRice Krispies * or Choco Krispies, oatmeal or comparable breakfast cereals