How do I win situations mentally

This is how you train your mental strength

For success it takes more than just technical competence:

Mental strength is the key factor to master even difficult situations in life and thus to be successful.

Mental strength means to maintain inner strength even in turbulent situations and thus to deal with stress better and to act more carefully.

In addition, the mental power ensures that your potential is better recognized and exploited.

Mental training comes from sports psychology, but the principle "Victories predominantly take place in the head" does not only apply in sports. The more a person has trained mental strength, the less pronounced they feel fears and doubts in difficult situations.

Mental strength also stabilizes physical and mental health and at the same time ensures better performance. In order to develop your mental strength, the following points are a very good guideline. Orientate yourself to this in order to act more focused and more confidently in the future.

Prepare yourself

Intensive preparations for certain situations ensure that you can handle the challenge more confidently and that you can use your mental strength with pinpoint accuracy.

Use autosuggestion

The more you worry about the failure of the project, the higher the likelihood that you will not successfully complete the challenge. So avoid negative thoughts when thinking about your goal. Keep saying to yourself “I can do it!” And don't doubt the matter.

Include your subconscious

Imagine the situation in the most detailed pictures possible. Pay special attention to the goal you have achieved. Connect positive emotions with these thought images to exert a positive influence on the subconscious.

Keep a journal

A diary helps, among other things, to record and reflect negative thoughts. In particular, however, you should use the diary to record situations in which you have demonstrated mental strength. Focusing on successes achieved generates good emotions and increases self-confidence.

Find supporters

Athletes often have a mental trainer at their side who helps "program" the goal into the subconscious. But it doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive trainer: a person from your environment can also become your very own personal mental supporter. Look for someone who believes in your goal, spurs you on and helps you build up again in the event of setbacks.

Allow yourself some rest

When faced with a difficult situation, take at least a few minutes to relax. Take a deep breath, focus on the goal and motivate yourself with autosuggestion.

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Last but not least, Marc Habermann, the expert in mental training, explains the importance of feelings and thoughts for mental strength in the video: