Is Brendan Fraser an action star


Elliot Richards is a dull pouch like it is in the book. His colleagues avoid the stupid gate like the plague, even if Elliot doesn't even notice it. He has been enthusiastic about his pretty colleague Allison for years, but doesn't dare to speak to her. One day he is faced with a seductive beauty and presents Elliot with a devilish plan: He will get three wishes fulfilled if he gives his soul for it. Since Elliot doesn't actually have much to lose, he accepts the pact. However, as soon as the first wish has been fulfilled, it becomes clear that there are many hooks. The second wish is no exception ...

Director Harold Ramis has proven himself to be a master of comedy at the latest since "... and daily greetings from the groundhog" and "Four love you". With this remake of the British satire "Mephisto 68" he shows an unbelievable feeling for slapstick and situation comedy. Thanks to another brilliant Brendan Fraser, who brilliantly interprets the different metamorphoses from the dull cheek to the macho to the total wimp, this silly and funny slapstick is the finest. The ending, however, is pretty Hollywood-heavy again. It is also a matter of taste whether Elizabeth Hurley, pepped up with silicone, actually exudes devilish eroticism.

Photo: Fox