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"As high as he can?" Replied the woman timidly. When your heads up, everything will be fine. Comparison, our winner in the categories should win the field. I focus on the next goal to be achieved, e.g. The more you believe in yourself, trust and trust yourself, the more courageously you face challenging situations and phases in life. Go to work cautiously, give yourself time, so you stay healthy and get very far. Best pictures, videos and sayings and there are new funny Facebook pictures on DEBESTE.DE every day. It just re-sorts. A war with the neighboring kingdom was on the way. You will still grow. ”, The woman now wanted to know:“ How high should I grow? ”. When he was 9 years old, his mother passed away. I have been accompanied by sayings since I was a child. it doesn't work anymore You just have to keep going. The most difficult time in our life is the best opportunity to develop inner strength. 09.08.2017 - Explore Esther's pin board “Everything will be fine again” on Pinterest. Anyone who is (stuck) in a personal crisis can usually not do much with such advice. He was considered rich because he owned a horse with which he plowed and hauled loads. # Forget all the reasons you could fail and focus on the reason you can do it. The fern continued to grow wonderfully. It means knowing even on difficult days. You can also build something beautiful out of stones that are placed in your way. The greatest glory in life is not never falling, but getting up every time. A more well-known example of this is probably Abraham Lincoln, who was elected President of the USA in 1860 at the age of 51. With what frequency will the Everything will be fine with all probability be reused? Do not fear a big step. Another possibility: You write the corresponding text on a sticky note and place it in a clearly visible place where it comes into your field of vision several times a day. You will receive help for self-help and instructions for strengthening self-confidence and inner strength with the time blossom download package SELF-CONFIDENCE: »Download package SELF-CONFIDENCE: all information → click HERE. We get discouraged, we give up (ourselves). became more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. "Exactly. When our hospital was closed at the time and we were all completely exhausted, a rather old substitute surgeon said a saying to me that has given me strength again and again in my further life: “People look back in time and see that they were in misery his luck. ". Century). Get up when someone else better fills your space Sometimes unpleasant things have to happen to remind us that it is time to change something. do with the “You can do that” monster doll: A little encouragement for all those who don't have it easy at the moment: TV chef Schuhbeck said in a program (doesn't know which one anymore): “God only gives you that way to carry as much as you can carry, and if you know that, you'll get out of any shit, you just have to believe in yourself. ”, I like it somehow, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed;) "Detours expand local knowledge." A saying that I often use or think of because I can apply it so wonderfully to life. Everything ends well for those who can wait. everything will be fine Quotes, wisdom, aphorisms, sayings and contributions that touch the heart and promote the mind. Václav Havel, writer and politician, 1936–2011, KarlHeinz Karius, German. There are mountains that you have to cross, otherwise you won't go any further. Quotes and sayings good ... Often you lose the good when you look for the better. Whenever you want to share something positive with the world, beautiful sayings are ... No bamboo. Nevertheless, it can be good. This is what this Tao story from ancient China wants to tell us: A farmer lived in a poor village. Henry Ford, The Secret of Success is known only to those who have failed once. It will pass, and when it does, you are stronger than you ever thought possible. Your time will come. Poet, 1749–1832, Leo N. Tolstoi, Russian. And none of what she had wished for or dreamed of so much in recent years has come true. Amazingly, if you have your back to the wall and there is only one way forward, you can always find a solution. Why stand up and fight after painful setbacks? In the end everything will be fine, and if it is not good, then it is not the end. Pick your favorites, then keep checking your chosen words. His neighbors shouted how terrible it was, but the farmer just said: “Maybe.” A few days later the horse returned and brought two wild horses with it. But you have to be even stronger if you have to accept it for what it is or wait for it to pass. But in reality something new is just beginning. If you use the site, you agree to the use of Nice compilation; then I also want to contribute something; I haven't read all of them above, so it may be that there is something here twice: # When fear knocks, send hope to the door. "Learn to think thoughts, the consequences of which you would like to have in your life, because the invisible is not ineffective." Thank you universe! We ourselves are just not allowed to interpret the word negatively! My husband has multiple sclerosis. This also goes well with: It's no use crying over spilt milk, which I also use very often. Disappointments are just stops in our lives that give us the opportunity to change trains if we are going in the wrong direction. I like to help: va piano, e va sano, e va lontano. Who does not fight has already lost. Unfortunately, most of them give up too early. For MORE INFORMATION just click on the respective link: IMMEDIATE HELP IN CASE OF INNER REST AND TENSION: Zeitblueten.com was awarded the highest rating (grade 1) by Trainerlink and was included in the publisher's publication “The best addresses on the web for further education”. is easy to write. And after just a few months it had reached the remarkable height of over ten meters. Always motivating to look for a suitable quote here and to be able to see things positively. The problem is that you never know exactly when you will reach the top of the mountain. And it really is the case that everything usually goes better with a smile. It is often foggy so that you cannot tell whether it is 5 or 500 meters to the top. These difficulties often offer the chance to reorient and develop, even if it is difficult to recognize these possibilities in the stressful moments. They didn't want the farmer's son because his legs were broken. When you are going through a tough time and everything seems to be against you, when you feel like you can't take it a minute longer, DO NOT GIVE UP because this is the time and place where direction changes. Stony paths often lead to the most beautiful places. The third year was coming. Nevertheless, this mother is said to have always been of good cheer. Then something positive can develop from it, which we cannot (yet) see or do not want to see in the stressful situation. And I have another one hanging in my office: “Show calm in decisions where you have to accept facts that you cannot change. that you always have to be happy and satisfied. We had only lived in a new place of residence for six months and suddenly my mother was alone with us four children. Old friendships showed themselves to be saviors in times of need and the wheat was separated from the chaff. Thanks! Bergmillergasse 8/2/3, A-1140 Vienna, © Burkhard Heidenberger - Bergmillergasse 8/2/3 - A-1140 Vienna • All rights reserved. Printing and use only with written permission • Imprint • Media data • Terms and conditions • Data protection, information in accordance with EU Directive: This site uses cookies. Writer, 1835-1910. Letter card "Don't let your head hang" by Christina Thrän. Philosopher, 45–371 BC Chr. God is our refuge and strength. If you are going through a difficult time, consider this: Your current situation is not the end of your journey. Mark Twain, US One of my favorite sayings: “Every dark night has a bright end” or “The darkest hour is followed by sunrise”. The reasons for these difficult phases in life may be varied: setbacks, disappointments, V… A woman had lost her job, her relationship broke up, she fell ill. Abraham Lincoln, 16. B. in between by e-mail, WhatsApp - you can make a big difference. In keeping with the topic, I have another story here that encourages and gives consolation: [story found on mymonk.de, slightly rewritten]. That is why we are not afraid, even when the earth shakes and the mountains sway in the middle of the sea. Have the courage and determination to change facts that can be changed. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, dt. To think positively does not mean that you always have to be happy and satisfied. Country singer, 1932–2003, David L. George, British. So laugh at your confusion now, get through the tears, be strong, and remember: Everything has a reason. And it is precisely this retrospective study that taught me to take advantage of possible opportunities when something does not work out as I wanted, when I encounter unexpected obstacles and difficulties that annoy and slow me down. Here is another nice saying from the Middle Ages: “I came, don't know where, I am and don't know who, I live, don't know how long, I die and don't know when, I'm going, I don't know where, I'm surprised that I am so happy. ”To make it clear to me that I achieve at least as much as I cannot and to take away my fear of what may come, I always tell myself don't compare yourself to others, because you have YOUR destiny - just as the fern has a different one than the bamboo. Humanity trickles softly ..., the mantra of serenity often helps me: “That too will pass!”. And then it happened quickly. Is there a saying or a text that gave you courage or strength in difficult times? He was thriving. It might sound like a paradox, but when I look back, it's often the setbacks that ultimately got me the most. Jokes and sayings are posted here every day! Thank you very much, I love sayings like that and always write them down for me. at the age of 47, the goal of becoming Vice President was not achieved. I just had to smile a lot - thanks for that! Unfortunately, this is also the reason why many do not make it - only very few stick to a topic for months or even years. That is why I find one of the most valuable quotes in my life from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can do it, or whether you think you can not do it - you are right in both cases!”. When she was asked where she got this confidence from, her answer was: "Let it be left up to you." We all know successful people who are in the limelight, who are also role models for many: athletes, artists, other famous personalities,…. This saying, on a candle, gave our family courage when my father lost his life in an accident at work. It was about a widow with many children, the family was very poor and completely unsupervised and very often circumstances turn in an almost miraculous way. Every dark night is followed by a bright day. You just have to be ready and confident. Seneca, Roman. A whole sea of ​​water cannot sink a ship, unless it is Because, it comes into the ship. Nothing to see of the bamboo in the second year either. Be patient, even if it is not easy for you. At the age of 27 he had a nervous breakdown. At 45 years of age he lost his election for senatorial office he lost his older sister. On this occasion I would also like to say thank you for the many food for thought in the “time blossoms.” But before she gave up completely, she looked for an old, wise man a uf, who is said to have helped numerous other people with his advice. Finish with what was, be happy with what is and be open to what is to come. The evil that strikes us is seldom as bad as that which we fear. Sometimes it's hard to see what's good, but in retrospect, it's always been like that. Physicist, 1879–1955. Or, as my mother often says, when something does not go as desired: “Who knows what it will be good for.” That is why I now have a certain “basic trust” and am convinced that it can be better if something does not work (my) plan is running. (Source not clear, often attributed to Oscar Wilde). Trainerlink lists editorially checked websites on the topics of careers, professional qualifications and adult education. Ever since I can remember and before I could even speak English, I've had a saying that I always carry with me: Take always a suitcase of smile with you! The power that arises from starting something new is, for me, THE experience par excellence. Big changes in our life can be a second chance. Who is thrown from his usual path. Funny sayings cheer you up, put you in a good mood and, at best, make the reader laugh. we can't even know. Seneca, Roman. One shouldn't make fun of advancing age. recognized as such at all. With great gratitude for so much good, greetings. at the age of 49 lost again election for senatorial office. We try to get to our feet, to get up, to move on, and if we can't muster the strength to let ourselves help us. Burkhard Heidenberger writes In the end everything will be fine, Thank you very much for so much "encouraging". Whether at work or at school - courage for a loved one What helps to overcome these deep valleys, what can build us up, comfort us, give us courage again, give us hope and confidence? A quote that sums up my personal experience in a nutshell: About the quote: It happened not only once that I did not achieve / get something that I wanted very much - and then burst like a soap bubble. The sayings from Mr. Burkhard and from the contributions are all wonderful and so true. You can try to be calm yourself. On the contrary, I know deep down inside me who has "been shipwrecked in a stormy sea and almost drowned", who sees a rainbow even in a puddle. Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Life is beautiful, there was never any talk of simple. A deep fall often leads to high happiness. The neighbors were all happy about his favorable skill, but the farmer replied again: “Maybe.” The next day the farmer's son tried to ride one of the wild horses. In the end, life goes on and on. The horse threw him off and he broke both legs. Thank you very much and for today I have the quote “Every dark night is followed by a bright day.” elected. My husband was able to turn his hobby into a job through retraining. At some point it will all make sense. Remember that something you don't get can sometimes be a wonderful stroke of fate. Have the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. " The story with the bamboo hits the spot, sometimes it just takes time. I want to see what happens if I don't give up! Wait until the storm passes, because after every storm there are sunny times again. She asked him: "Do you know only one reason why I shouldn't give up?" Author, advertising consultant and publisher, * 1935, Nelson Mandela, South African. On the other hand there was nothing to be seen of the bamboo. If you want to be good or even excellent in an area, you have to work on the foundation for a long time before it bears fruit. Every difficult situation that you master now will be spared you in the future. Writer, 1911–2002, Johnny Cash, US-American. However, I believe that if you stick with it long enough, you can achieve success in any area. If we always see everything negatively, in most cases our everyday life will also be unhappy. Fight for what makes you move on. Philosopher and poet, 4 BC Chr. – 65 AD. Just give yourself the time you need and grow as high as you can. These are really nice sayings! I almost missed him. They put a smile on our faces, make us dream and stimulate thought.elected President of the USA at the age of 51. But basically there are only two options for personal setbacks and defeats: But not only setbacks or defeats often act like obstacles on our life path that are difficult to overcome. ~~~ Pietro Metastasio ... What speaks against doing something good when nobody is watching? # Sometimes a person has to cry so much that there is room in their heart for a smile again. Until then, he had to cope with numerous defeats and severe strokes of fate - and yet he finally made it to president: Even if his life story did not end well (he was the victim of a gunshot assassination in 1865), his standing strength is impressive and perhaps encouraged some not to give up right away. So that you don't get bored when browsing through our sayings, you have to… “You got here quite well.”. Going one step further every day can, too. Your true confidence in the course of your life is shown in the fact that you no longer rate things as “good” or “bad”, but that you can calmly let them be as they are. Maybe sometimes it's better to let go with a smile than to hold on with tears. The stone in front of your grave will roll away on its own. I'm never worried about not mastering anything. Find suitable sayings in the “Everything will be fine” category 18 different sayings 52 different saying categories View the collection of sayings on Woxikon now! 60 ... Sometimes changes look negative at first. The same thing in the fourth year. I was also able to dare a new professional start. Sometimes a serious saying goes better with the occasion. 35 comments | Dichter, 1564–1616, Friedrich von Schiller, German. With every problem we solve, we develop further. Excerpt from the trainer link rating: The grade 1 is given for absolutely top sites that not only have a high information content, but also offer extensive additional information and services. Nothing so cleverly disguises itself as a difficulty as an opportunity. We have a multitude of short good sayings ... Back then, probably unconscious, now very consciously. The old man looked at her, then pointed to his garden and said: “Do you see the bamboo and the fern? 50 sayings and quotes that encourage and give hope, Martin Seligman, US-americ. She longed for real friends, for a little luck, for financial security - for everything that other people around her obviously had, as she had to find out again and again. “Problems” are for us (PRO) and not against us (contra), otherwise it would be called “contrablem”. I like these two quotes very much and they are always encouraging for me: Whether you think you can or you can't - you are right in both cases. We got to know people who were very important to us. Encouraging sayings for challenging phases. Condolences: How to Find the Right Words! - Thucydides. General, 1769-1821. then it's not over yet. She writes: "If you are left alone," I read these words many years ago in connection with a life story.

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