What is philosophical advice


I offer philosophical advice both as individual philosophical advice for private individuals and as philosophical organizational and corporate advice. I also use methods and techniques of mental coaching.

The services listed below are aimed partly at individuals and partly at groups:

  • philosophical life counseling
  • philosophical management consultancy
  • philosophical advice and support in decision-making processes
  • philosophical conversations
  • "Thinking support"
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Support in self-development / personal development
  • philosophical retreats
  • philosophical roundtables (Philosophical Café)
  • Lectures on philosophical topics
  • Development of a corporate philosophy
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • "Thinking Training"


  • for private individuals:
    • Hamburg
    • at your place, on a walk or in a café
    • in times of Corona: by phone or video conference
  • for organizations and companies:
    • throughout Germany
    • in your house or rooms provided by you


You can contact me by email ([email protected]) or using the contact form. Please state the philosophical topic or the question that you would like to talk to me about or outline the life situation or problem on which you would like to consult with me.

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