How much did the last move cost you

Moving costs

There are some helpful tips that can save you a few bucks here and there when moving.

If you are moving with a moving company

One of the most crucial decisions is whether you want to move with a moving company or privately. Many shy away from hiring a professional moving company, as this is often associated with high costs. But that's just a matter of preparation.

So make sure you get one Cost plan on. There you list the costs for the transporter, the packaging material, the renovation, but also, for example, the costs for the no-parking. After you have created the cost plan, you can decide which services you want to commission from the moving company. Companies often lend out materials such as cardboard boxes, tape, and packaging materials. So there you save costs.

Make sure to compare prices and offers. The best way to do this is to request a quote from the various moving companies. You can then check these for the best price-performance ratio. Choose a company that is cheap, but definitely reputable.

The cheapest option within a radius of 50 kilometers and around 30 square meters of living space costs around 500 euros. A long-distance move can be around three times as expensive for a single family home.

If you move privately

Are you just moving from a small one-room apartment to a larger one? Then the chances are that you don't have a lot of furniture or other possessions yet. In this case, it is sufficient if you let friends or family help you with the move and forego a moving company. In this case, you mainly bear the costs for packing material and moving boxes, for the moving van and the fuel costs as well as food for the helping people.

With the moving van, pay attention to how big the car really has to be. Larger vehicles are not only more expensive, they also use more fuel. Here, too, it is best to compare the prices of different providers.

Try borrowing cardboard boxes and packing materials, or browse classifieds. Used cardboard boxes are often offered cheaper or even given away.

General tips

  • Banana boxes: You can replace some moving boxes with banana boxes from the supermarket.
  • Moving during the week: Moving at the weekend costs more for companies. The range of moving vans is also lower at the weekend.
  • Pack yourself: If possible, pack the moving boxes yourself. This saves the costs for the packer. Be careful not to make the boxes too heavy. If the moving boxes break and have to be repacked, the moving company's working hours increase. This increases the costs again.
  • Employers ask: If your move is professional, many employers are willing to pay some of the moving costs. At least you can apply for special leave for the day you move.