Can deliver Papa Johns on the base

An 89-year-old pizza delivery man was taken by surprise - an unexpected windfall made him a TikTok star.

  • Upside down world with a pizza delivery man.
  • He didn't deliver the pizza, but got a delivery.
  • And then suddenly he cried.

Utah - In the state of Utah in the United States of America, an 89-year-old pizza delivery man was greeted by customers and could hardly believe what was waiting for him there. A family provided a windfall and the biggest tip that a pizza delivery man has received in a long time.

Pizza delivery man gets an unexpected visit - and suddenly tears in his eyes

First of all, the question arises why an 89-year-old still has to deliver pizzas and cannot enjoy his retirement. The old man drives out the favorite Italian dish for the pizza giant Papa Johns so that he can make ends meet. But the senior carried out his job with absolute empathy. His friendly demeanor resulted in the man ultimately getting $ 12,000.

What happened? The Valdez family often ordered pizza, mostly asking about 89-year-old Derlin Nerwey because he was so nice to them. The family recorded the regular deliveries on video and posted them on the Internet. The videos went viral on the TikTok platform - and the Valdez family asked their viewers for donations.

Pizza supplier is suddenly TikTok star

In the end, the stately sum of 12,000 dollars came together. Carlos Valdez presented the senior in the presence of the local broadcaster KSLTV the money. The old man was moved to tears. He said, “I don't know what to say. Except thank you ”.

89-year old Derlin Newey started delivering pizzas to make ends meet. He never thought one of his customers would change everything. Here’s our story for @ KSL5TV on the delivery he never saw coming. # ksltv # goodnews

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- Alex Cabrero (@KSL_AlexCabrero) September 23, 2020

Journalist Alex Cabrero, who was in charge of spreading the story, received a lot of messages from readers. Carlos Valdez can be reached on TikTok at @vendingheads. His goal: That Derlin Nerwey no longer has to work so much at his age. (ank)