What is internet2

Opportunities and Risks on the Internet

But surveillance and control are also increasing. The dependency on opaque large companies is growing and they are increasingly blatant as gatekeepers between us and the outside world. Few monopolists have created huge data pools in which sensitive data of almost everyone is recorded. It has never been a secret that these companies aim to monetize their knowledge. At the same time, the algorithm-based internet economy is undermining established structures, which has enormous effects. After all, a good part of society has so far lived from trade. Once stationary retail has broken down, the new monopolists can also dictate prices and standards at will. Cum grano salis, this also applies to the trade in information, i.e. the journalistic market.

Cyber ​​criminals of all levels of danger are also active online, as are the secret services of various countries, as we have known since the NSA affair at the latest. Many states are now investing enormous sums in cyber warfare departments. So the internet is by no means an area free of domination, even if this image has been partially preserved from the slightly anarchic early phase of the internet. And yet nobody wants to return to the state before the electronic interconnection of the world. In this chapter the chances and risks of the internet age are separated. It will be shown that in many risk areas - data protection, copyright problems, fraud, viruses, cyberbullying - the right behavior is most important in order to experience the Internet, this greatest invention of mankind, as an enrichment and not as a threat.