Political correctness is oppressive

Political correctness

Refugee instead of migrant?

Analysis by Mick Hume

The choice of words is also discussed in the immigration debate. Mick Hume explains that there is a problematic image of man behind the demand not to call refugees immigrants. In addition, such language battles endanger our freedom of expression more

Language police replace traditional values

From Brendan O'Neill

It accompanies every public debate. Political correctness owes its success not only to the “left” language police. Rather, Brendan O'Neill believes that it would like to fill the void created by the collapse of traditional values

No zero tolerance of intolerance

Interview with Adrian Hart

Without a sense of proportion, the fight against supposed racism is announced. Anti-racism campaigns artificially keep racism alive. The British author Adrian Hart, who used to be active in anti-racist groups, complains more in an interview with Marco Visscher

Journalism: Therapy session with the herb reporters

Comment by Thilo Spahl

The Herb reporter have set out to reinvent online journalism. But they do not want to succeed completely. They argue about correct guidelines. Novo editor Thilo Spahl on journalism that wants to be "independent" and "completely dependent" at the same time. more

The imperative of harmony

Essay by Kolja Zydatiss

For weeks the "sermon dispute" about the biblical interpretations of a Bremen pastor has been simmering. For Kolja Zydatiss, the violent criticism of the alleged "hate preacher" reveals an instrumental understanding of religion that threatens all of our freedom of expression more

Against the revolt of the do-gooders

Essay by Günter Ropohl

Günter Ropohl takes on the so-called “do-gooders”. Instead of resisting being called that, they should rather question their own moralism. This is mainly expressed in language rules and is an attempt to exercise more dominion over others

Green milieu studies: We you-sayers

By Monika Bittl

“We say“ you ”to each other, don't we?” For some, the mutual duet stands for brotherhood, solidarity and community. For Monika Bittl it also has to do with questionable leveling. She emphasizes the advantages of Siezen: it leaves room for polite distance. more

Cultivating Suspicion

Analysis by Matthias Heitmann

The disdain for people's ability to develop represents the core of PC culture. But many PC critics are also characterized by a very similar mistrust of their fellow human beings. For a new culture of trust. more

Diagnosis: political hypochondria

By Matthias Heitmann

Not a day without a new media scandal: Yesterday Augstein and Brüderle. Today Hahn and Roth. The way in which allegedly scandalous statements and behavior by public figures are responded to is pathetic and depressing. A comment from Matthias Heitmann more

The art of controversy

Analysis by Brendan O'Neill

Controversy today is a normal social condition, being controversial is a sign of conformity. What does that say about our time? And then how can you be really controversial? Asks Brendan O'Neill, editor-in-chief of the British partner magazine Novo Spikedmore

Equality in underage

Comment from Matthias Heitmann

The demand: dismissal of men and women representatives. Both sexes should stop together to outsource the pursuit of freedom and equality to so-called "experts". That takes more men and women with eggs