Is Ruby Bridges still alive

The story of a woman who made history

Penguin Random House | New York, 8/24/2020

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On November 10, Delacorte Press releases Ruby Bridges' This Is Your Time; 60 years after the author made history: At the age of six, she was the first African-American student in a school in the southern states that was previously reserved for white children. Recent racist attacks prompted you to write this book.

Ruby Bridges was born in 1954. In 1960 she made history as the first black student in an elementary school in the US southern states. In 2020 she wrote this story as an appeal to a new generation of young human rights activists in the USA, 60 years after they started school, against the background of a new wave of racism and violence in their homeland. Bridges ‘book" This Is Your Time "will be published on November 10th by Delacorte Press, a publisher of Penguin Random House, with an initial circulation of 200,000 copies. After Beverly Horowitz, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Delacorte Press, acquired the world rights to "This is Your Time," Barbara Marcus, President and Publisher of Random House Children's Books, has now announced the book's publication date. A historical book in every respect.

"This Is Your Time" will appear shortly before the 60th anniversary of November 14, 1960. After a change in law, the US state of Louisiana allowed African Americans to attend schools that were previously reserved for white children. The hurdles remained high. Black children had to pass a difficult aptitude test. Ruby Bridges did so as one of six children in New Orleans. But that did not remove the obstacles. Rather, four federal police officers had to escort the six-year-old through a raging white mob to the William Franzt Elementary School. Parents kept their children at home. Teachers refused to teach Ruby with one exception: Barbara Henry, who had just come to New Orleans from liberal Boston. She taught Ruby alone for months. The little girl persevered and later became a civil rights icon, one of the 100 most important women in America.

The fact that today young people in the USA take to the streets again for justice and equality, that they denounce racism and violence in their country, inspired Ruby Bridges to write “This Is Your Time”. With all the weight of her voice, she encourages young and future generations to fight this struggle. The book, written as a letter to young people, contains powerful essays by the author and numerous photos from the 1960s, when she became a pioneer of the civil rights movement. The recordings uniquely illustrate what happened in the world back then - and give an idea of ​​what can happen again today. With the book, the commitment of the author and activist has reached a new high point, remaining completely true to her line. Because, like now with the readers, Ruby Bridges has been seeking direct addressing of young people all over the world for decades, in the firm belief that only they will be able to overcome racism and inequality.

Bridges herself says of her book: “In the first few days of watching recent events in our country, I realized I was waiting for guidance and I know that many felt the same. After many years of talking about racism to young people, I felt an obligation to say something. After careful consideration, I decided to write a letter to my young audience. ”She is addressing the group that has given her hope for decades and that will be the driving force behind the changes in the future. "What I saw reminded me of what I had to experience before," continues Ruby Bridges, "of the fight that took place when I climbed the steps of that school as a child." that today's youth recognize that the chaos they have experienced should lead the way to the rights that people have today.

Children's and youth book publisher Barbara Marcus also announces that the author will read the audio book for “This Is Your Time” herself, and explains: “My admiration for Ruby and everything it stands for is as great today as it was 20 years ago when I first saw and met her. Ruby's story and her commitment to equality is an inspiration to all of us and serves as a reminder that young people have the ability to change history. "Ruby Bridges has never been afraid to speak out for children and for that what she considers indispensable in the fight against racism. Marcus concludes: "We are proud to be able to help spread your voice now and for generations to come."