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Translation of "consider possible" in Turkish

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I want to teach as long as ... we all do to consider something possible.
I want to teach as long as ... we all do to consider something possible.
He can do more than you to consider something possible.
O senin bildiğinden çok daha fazla şey yapabilir.
Nobody will to consider something possibleuntil we show them.
Kimse, biz onlara gösterene kadar hiçbir şeye inanmayacak.
Would you ... more than ... friendship to consider something possible?
I do more than you do to consider something possible!
Zaten Julie'yi düşünüyorum, Mr. Monk.
You wouldn't be our secret to consider something possible.
If you have it to consider something possible, I report it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ask to resolve this together with the Ministry of Justice.
Mesopotamian, Greek, Indian, Celtic myths, the Bible ... even Darwin assumed ... that something would come that nobody would to consider something possible would.
Tarih öncesi devirler, Yunan, Hindu, Ketlik efsaneleri, İncil. İncil bile gelmesi gereken zamanda geldi.
Although the changeling was discovered in the high council, most vote for war because it is a victory to consider something possible.
Klingon Yüksek Kurulunda ki değişkenin keşfedildikten sonra bile Halkımın çoğu savaş çağrısına devam ediyor Çünkü onlar kazanabileceklerini düşünüyorlar
Would you be so kind as to tell me if you can to consider something possiblethat Monsieur Abernethie accidentally took too much medicine?
Lütfen söyler misin, sence Bay Richard Abernethie, ilaçlarını yanlışlıkla fazla almış olabilir mi?
Much more rewarding than one to consider something possible would.
Çocuklarım, diğer düşüncelerimden daha fazlasını işgal ediyor durumda.
A relentless desire to push you harder and further than anyone could to consider something possible.
And the opportunities to do so develop faster than you do to consider something possible would.
You would to consider something possiblethat I was once considered attractive?
How can you get a mutation to consider something possible, given the absence of antigen drift?
Antijen sapması eksikliğinde mutasyonun olduğunu nasıl açıklarsınız?
You probably wouldn't to consider something possible.
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