Why don't paintings sell?


Why are you selling your art so cheaply?

Ariane: Who his Sell ​​art also has to take care of many other areas as well: Exhibitions, galleries, Insurance, advertising, competitions and much more. I don't want to have to deal with things that have nothing to do with actual art. That's why I'm so happy that the Art4berlin gallery enables me to earn a secure income through regular painting purchases and still have the freedom sell my paintings everywhere - where I want.

David: You probably know the world famous one Vincent van Gogh painter. His art now sells for tens of millions of dollars, but he died poor and desperate because he was unsuccessful as an artist. I call that a tragic fate. I do not value a high level of awareness. I would like to dedicate myself to my painting during my lifetime and be able to live from my painting. How good that I am with the Art4berlin gallery came into contact. Since then my dream has come true and I can finally do my art in one Berlin gallery sell and live from it!

Christa: Look, who knows, Berlin is the city with a very large gallery density and there are more than 6,000 visual artists working in Berlin. So you can work out how hard it is to get one gallery to find that unknown artists opens up the possibility of exhibiting their paintings. And the exhibitions are by no means alone Art sold. The most galleries present the paintings on commission, that is, the unsold pictures go back to the artist and the gallery owner keeps 50-70% of the income from the sold paintings. I appreciate the concept of Art4berlin gallery very, because she pays for my pictures immediately. And I can live from my painting.

Jan:Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali have already known how to market their works of art during their lifetime! You are the sad fate of many poor artist as Vincent van Gogh was spared. A lot of luck or professional marketing are part of art. And that's exactly what I don't like. I can and want to deal exclusively with my art. I prefer to leave the marketing and sale of some of my paintings to them Art4berlin gallery. I know I'm in good hands and earn money on a regular basis.

Rosanna:If you want to sell your art, you spend a lot of time doing it Exhibition possibilities in Berlin galleries to find for yourself. Then you need a lot of time for the presentation of the art and for the creation of brochures and portfolios. You also have to try to advertise. And last but not least, you also have to be a sales professional. All of this gave me the Art4berlin gallery removed. I finally got back Time for my painting and my creativity.

Robert: I know them The secrets of success from Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst Not. But I often get the impression that it is very important in the art scene to meet the right people in the right place at the right time. I don't want to dream of the right moment, but rather as a full-time job through my art, to feed my family. By the Art concept of the art4berlin gallery this has become possible for me.

Elisa: Just few artists get rich and famous through their works. At the very end of the income spectrum are female painters who earn an average of around 6,000 euros a year. As freelance painter It is therefore not easy in Berlin. I sell some of my pictures myself. I am pleased that many people interested in my art are in the Art4berlin gallery to buy. And I enjoy the fact that my art beautifies and inspires the lives and living spaces of many people. And I also earn money.

Ellen:Statistics show that only one to two percent of painters can make a living from their art. I am happy every day that it is the Art4berlin gallery gives. Through her Bulk purchases she secures my income for me. For me, that's success that counts. To someday the big breakthrough in the Art scene Creating it takes hard work, diligence, talent, perseverance - and money.

Eva: Misunderstood during his lifetime - posthumously celebrated as a great artist. That's how many see Artist biographies out. But today I live and paint and want to sell my paintings as soon as possible. For many years the Art4berlin gallery with your innovative art concept enforced. I can paint more paintings and let my creativity run free. Finally a gallery has done my work for meto have to sell the paintings to those interested in art.

Jo: Life is too short to wait to be famous. I prefer the sparrow in my hand to the pigeon on the roof. I am happy about the success of the art4berlin gallery. Through the guaranteed bulk purchases I can mine Full-time job as an artist and don't have to work on the side like many of my colleagues.

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