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If you want to find the best curtain, you are spoiled for choice, because the range is huge. Not only do you have to deal with the different materials, shapes, colors and sizes, but also criteria such as ease of care and of course the price range. This makes the search correspondingly time-consuming. If you don't have the time and you just want to find the best curtain quickly, you can follow our purchase recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. We can therefore highly recommend the model 61000 from Gardinenbox, because the curtain impresses with its low price in connection with a very good choice of colors, an easy-care polyester fabric and good durability. Alternatively, the curtain number CT15747K-1-D from Deconovo is highly recommended, because it impresses with its high fabric density, high-quality workmanship and a very good selection of different sizes and colors.



Comparison table


1st place

The simple curtain is a highly recommended model with a lead tape, which impresses with its very affordable price and easy maintenance. It is washable at 40 ° C, there is a wide variety of colors and a number of sizes are available. The material is also hard-wearing.

Different sizes are not available for the curtain and it is relatively easy to process.

If you are looking for a cheap yet solid and durable curtain that is available in different colors and sizes, you should definitely look at the variant, because the price is very fair.



Curtains - Purchase Advisor


A house without curtains is incomplete and uncomfortable. Curtains beautify every room and give your four walls that "certain something." Be it a refreshing color or that certain “feel-good factor” or the necessary privacy so that you can read and relax undisturbed.

However, so that you do not rush to the first offer that you have fished out of any price comparison, it is best to take another quick look at the purchase criteria.

We have clearly listed some of the most important points below so that you have the most important criteria in front of you and can directly apply them in comparison. If you are not yet convinced, take a look at our summary “The best curtains in 2021” to find the product that is ideal for you. Regardless of what you're looking for, of course. It can be both an inexpensive curtain and the best curtain out there - our top 5 list includes a little bit of everything.



Recognize different types of fabric

Curtains are not only available in different colors and patterns, but also in different fabrics. The quality of the fabrics in particular can vary greatly from one curtain to another. It is important that you know a little about this area in order to be able to buy the product that is right for you.

In the manufacture of curtains, for example, both synthetic and natural fibers are used. Both substances have both advantages and disadvantages that are not insignificant and can be carefully weighed against each other.

Curtains made of natural fibers are made from plant or animal materials and are not chemically treated. You can recognize natural fabrics primarily by the fact that they are somewhat rough and inflexible or uneven. They tend to shrink after washing and wrinkle more easily than synthetic fibers. Some of the popular natural fibers include cotton, silk and linen in particular.

Synthetic fibers are made from both natural and man-made materials. There are, for example, cellulose fibers and synthetic fibers. The former are natural substances that are chemically modified. Synthetic fibers are made on the basis of petroleum and natural gas. In contrast to natural fibers, synthetic fibers offer greater flexibility. This means that they are a little more supple and can adapt to certain environments. One recognizes synthetic fibers primarily by the fact that they can become electrostatically charged. Some common synthetic fibers are viscose, polyamide, and polyester.


Curtains for different rooms

Curtains are mainly used as a privacy screen and to darken a room, but can also be used for decorative purposes and thus, for example, beautify many kitchens, study and children's rooms with bright colors and patterns.

Depending on which room you want to upgrade with curtains, the fabric has to meet different requirements. For the bedroom, for example, you need thicker curtains that are more opaque to light. In other rooms, on the other hand, transparent, thinner fabrics can be used, depending on what you want and how much privacy you need in the respective room.

Here are a few more ideas for your purchase:

Living room: There are no limits to creativity in the living room. Here you will receive friends and family and ideally it should be particularly bright and friendly so that your guests feel welcome. Here you can, depending on your taste, work with elegant curtains in subtle colors and high-quality cotton or you can also use inexpensive curtains made of plastic fibers, different colors and patterns.

Bedroom: In the bedroom, you should install curtains that are opaque and opaque to light so that nothing and nobody can disturb your sleep. Our recommendation: colors like green, purple and blue, as these have a soothing effect.

Nursery: Exactly in the living room, there are almost no limits in the children's room. Help yourself to warmer colors such as red, pink and orange, for example, which are more stimulating and cheer up your child. Then, for example, choose either opaque or translucent materials, depending on how much light and sun you want to let into this room.



Everything important at a glance

There are a number of things to consider when buying new curtains. For example, check whether the care properties match your needs and whether the curtains match your furnishings so that everything is right. If your house is furnished in a Scandinavian style, you can, for example, fall back on high-quality cotton curtains in white and blue. If you prefer the retro style, curtains with patterns and prints from the 70s or 80s are suitable - you are spoiled for choice.

In addition, as already mentioned, curtains are very diverse and can consist of different materials. Depending on the mood you want to create in a room, you can, for example, use a denser linen fabric or a lighter, synthetic material. Linen fabrics are particularly suitable for darkening rooms and synthetic fabrics for decorating rooms and creating a cozy atmosphere.


Curtain test winner - Top 5


No room looks perfect without the right curtain. And those who have no shutters and cannot darken their rooms will also be looking for the right curtain. Before you buy a model, however, we recommend that you take a look at our top 5 in the “Best Curtains 2021” category. Because we compared a wide variety of models with each other in the test and checked them for price, performance and more.



Curtain box 61000


This turquoise model from the Gardinenbox brand was able to assert itself as the best curtain and thus the test winner. The transparent design looks very good in most living spaces and offers light protection from the sun. The fine fabric has an integrated lead band that guarantees a soft fall and soft folds. Thanks to its light weight, you can hang it on a simple curtain rod with the loops or use the woven-in curling tape for a rail fastening.

It is a scarf of 245 x 140 cm (H x W), which should reach down to the floor in most rooms. However, the model is also available in other colors. In addition to bright colors such as red-orange, purple or blackberry, there are also many classic nuances. In total, the manufacturer offers over 20 different colors so that there is something for every taste.

But we didn't just like the simple and effective look of the textile product. Also the fact that it is a very easy-care material that scores with durability and durability. The curtain is made of 100% polyester and can be machine-cleaned at up to 40 degrees.


Buy from Amazon.de (€ 5.99)





Deconovo CT15747K-1-D


Would you like to darken your bedroom at night and have no shutters? Then a blackout curtain is ideal for you. This model from Deconovo is a bit more expensive in comparison, but really efficient. The darker colors in particular cover very well. If you choose different shades of gray, you will have the darkest result, but pink or white will also manage to make the room much darker.

The manufacturer has constructed his product in three layers, with the middle layer always being black and opaque. Normal curtain fabric in the chosen color is then used inside and outside. Each curtain has the dimensions of 175 x 140 cm (H x W), a fabric density of 75 x 300 D and a weight of 230 g / m². Since there are three layers, this fabric is of course relatively heavier than comparable products.

So that the material does not suffer even after prolonged use, you can attach it with metal eyelets that can withstand more stress. With the variant of the gathering tape and also with the loops, the fabric frays quite quickly. Incidentally, these curtains can also block or retain heat on one side or the other. In this way you can save energy in winter and keep the warmth in the room and prevent the interior from overheating in summer.


Buy from Amazon.de ($ 23.34)





Souart flowers transparent curtain


This curtain is suitable for most windows and can be gathered to suit your taste. The slightly transparent fabric with the embroidered flower motifs can look very appealing in the kitchen as well as in the dining or living area. Souart offers you four different sizes (60, 80, 100 or 120 x 140 cm) in order to be able to adapt to all types of windows.

As an inexpensive curtain, this product is particularly suitable for the first apartment or simply the small budget. Perhaps you are not quite sure what type of curtain you want and would like to try it out first. The Souart curtain is also very suitable as a temporary solution, because the workmanship is not necessarily geared towards longevity.

Nevertheless, the polyester fabric can be cleaned at up to 30 degrees in the machine and then smoothly smoothed with the steamer. This product is very suitable as a transparent Roman blind for decorative purposes and the silk look also makes it an eye-catcher.


Buy from Amazon.de (€ 13.99)





Curtain box 20405


If you are looking for a colorful curtain that is also opaque, this curtain box model in green could be a good option. It's a fresh apple green that brings energy and positive vibes to any room.

The scope of delivery consists of a scarf with the dimensions 245 x 140 cm, which is made of hard-wearing polyester. Therefore, if necessary, it can always be cleaned in the machine and can be washed at up to 40 degrees. This is also a good idea before the first application, because the fabric initially smells a bit artificial.

The price-performance ratio is also right with this curtain and we can highly recommend it both in the lively spring color and in one of the other colors. Please note at this point that the lighter shades are less opaque than the dark ones.


Buy from Amazon.de (€ 14.95)





Bestlivings 10894-005


The Bestlivings model is particularly suitable as a room divider in our top. With the dimensions of 60 cm x 245 cm (W x H) it is a standard size. The system from Bestlivings is very easy to use thanks to the Velcro fasteners, but unfortunately not very durable.

The curtains can still be cleaned in the washing machine at up to 30 degrees. At a low temperature, the material can also be ironed so that there are no unsightly creases. When it comes to transparency, you can choose between opaque or partial transparency.

The semi-transparent curtains offer protection against incidence of light and in daylight you can still look through a little. In the evening only outlines can be seen. And the opaque variant only shows light sources, but no silhouettes.


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