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Star Trek: Picard brings back another Voyager character with dire consequences

Star Trek: Picard not only strives for coherence with the series canon, but also gives various characters from previous Star Trek series larger and smaller appearances in individual episodes. The fifth episode of Star Trek: Picard, "No Mercy", offers a supporting character from Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager a stage - but leaves it to die directly.

Warning: This is followed by SPOILERS for the fifth episode of Star Trek: Picard!

The return of Seven of Nine

When Picard and his crew on the Finding Bruce Maddox visit the planet Freecloud, they meet the former Borg drone and Voyager crew member Seven of Nine. The latter is on a campaign of revenge against an arms dealer named Bejazal.

In the course of the episode, Star Trek fans learn that Seven of Nine is turning to Bejazal for the death of their friend and foster son Icheb wants to avenge. Icheb came on board as a Borg drone during the sixth Voyager season and after his customization he joined the Voyager crew.

Seven of Nine raised Icheb like a son of his own while doing his best as an engineer on the Voyager. Later he briefly closed the Fenris rangers on, a group dedicated to rescuing the Romulans after Starfleet retreated and previously joined the Seven of Nine.

Icheb's death and Seven of Nine's vengeance on Freecloud

During his stay with the rangers, Bejazal lures the former Borg Icheb into a trap. Bejazal has mingled with the rangers to secretly Hunt for Borgs make and use them to facilitate your augmentations. He takes Icheb prisoner and tears him apart while he is alive.

Icheb in Star Trek: Voyager

Seven of Nine finds the dying Icheb and frees him from his suffering with a shot in the heart. When Picard and his crew meet her later, she is taken with her anger at Bejazal and wants to go to Freecloud avenge the death of Icheb.

Picard can finally convince Seven of Nine not to kill Bejazal for the time being because, in his opinion, revenge nothing to do with justice have. Seven of Nine therefore lets Bejazal go for the time being, but then goes on the hunt for the arms dealer again after Picard's departure, because she cannot leave Icheb's death unpunished.

We'll probably see Seven of Nine again later in Star Trek: Picard - maybe by then she has already satisfied her thirst for revenge.

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