Why can't Tamil Nadu's government ban TASMAC

Women and Domestic Violence in India: Examples and Observations from Tamil Nadu

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  • Teresa Merz
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Since the mass rape of a young Indian student in Delhi in December 2012, violence against women in India has become a constantly hot topic in politics and the media. Due to the extreme brutality, this explicit incident received special attention. Medical student Jyoti Singh Pandey was on her way home with a friend from the cinema that evening. During the bus ride, an argument broke out between the two and the six other drunk male passengers. Jyoti's friend was beaten up and she was brutally raped by all men. After the rape, they were both thrown from the bus onto the street. Jyoti finally succumbed to her injuries 13 days later. In March 2015, the documentary film "India’s Daughter" was released, which traces the circumstances of the rape.

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