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The building still feels new and the Club level one floor down and the roof terrace were a big plus.
The building still feels new and the club level one floor down and rooftop deck were such a plus.
Increase your professional player in the Club level and work your way up your national team in one of the toughest challenges of a professional soccer star career.
Grow your professional player at the club level and work your way onto your national team in one of the most grueling challenges of any professional soccer star's career.
The Challenge Zone Coordinators are responsible for fundraising on district and district funds Club level and soliciting large donations for Rotary's $ 200 million challenge in an allotted area.
Challenge zone coordinators are responsible for fundraising at the district and club level and for soliciting major gifts for Rotary's US $ 200 Million Challenge in assigned territories.
This air-conditioned room includes Club level features an Italian marble bathroom, flat-screen TV, iPod docking station and DVD player. The room offers exclusive access to the Club Lounge.
This air-conditioned club level guest room includes an Italian marble bath, a flat-screen TV, an iPod dock and a DVD player. Room offers exclusive club lounge access.
The structure of Kiwanis CLUB LEVEL It all starts with members in a club.
The PolioPlus club committee is appointed by the club president and is on duty Club level to promote and support actions in the fight against polio.
Appointed by club president to promote and support polio eradication activities at the club level.
I wasn't able to get it on yet Club level accept.
After the district has familiarized itself with the Foundation's information on district grants, the district develops a process flow for managing district grants and an application form Club level.
After becoming familiar with information on district grants provided by the Foundation, district begins to develop a process for managing district grants and a club-level application form.
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