Body weight exercises are always necessary

What reps / sets should I use in bodyweight exercise when I need to work out for the total number of reps?

Don't try to apply a math approach to your training. What you do now is exercise your body because you exercise every day. What this website suggests is better because by exercising 3 days a week your body will be able to recover from the other 4 and build strength. In your case, there is no recovery time.

However, what I encourage you to try as you increase the number of pushups is something different that I used a few years ago. My goal was then 100 and I made it to 200.

If I had to name it, it would be an active approach. This is because with this method you are also active on your rest days, but at the same time you train your body and make progress.

Okay, before you try this, take a break for a day.

Then, the next day, do several sets with the maximum of your pushups, say 34. So 4x34 (or as much as you can on the sets after the first set).

The day after, you're only doing 70% of your max, which would be about 23. (4 more sentences)

The day after (the 3rd day since you started), you only do 30% of your maximum repetitions, which is equivalent to 10 pushups (again 4 sets).

On the 4th day do your maximum again. If you use this method every 4th day, you will need to be able to increase the number of multiple repetitive pushups.

PS All sets must be performed one after the other within a rest interval of no more than 3 minutes.

I hope this helps you achieve your goal, good luck.


And what rest time should I keep between the individual sentences? I'm trying to rest 1 minute between sets. Will that be enough?


If you can keep up with a minute of rest, yeah sure. If not, make the rest interval longer, but no more than 3 minutes. :) :)


If I'm going to try to get the maximum out of each set, 1 minute is not enough, and I couldn't even do 10 pushups for the third set. Maybe it would be better if I pick the number that has the last Makes the set really difficult (say 20), and try to do that number of pushups in each set? (for example 4x20)


Remember, you are only getting the most out of your maximum day. On days 2 and 3 you do 70% and 30% of your max, respectively.I hope that's clear. So on your max day, try to do as many in one sentence as you can. Only your first set is where you should aim for 34 (your maximum at all times). In the next few sentences, you should do as many as you can until you are completely exhausted. Everything up to 3 minutes is fine as a break.


By the way, if you choose my method, would you have a problem sharing your experience with me? I want to write an article about it and use someone else's experience to tweak the method if necessary. Many Thanks