Which websites offer free courses in C ++

Learn to program online: These online courses and providers are available

Which programming language should one learn first?

Everyone has their own criteria and popularity is constantly changing.But it is clear: Some Classic languages have been in the top rankings for many years.

These includeJava, C., C ++, C #, python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL and Ruby. A current ranking is available here.

In addition to these programming languages, there areHTML for websites (see the separate HTML overview).

List of online programming courses

You can find below 57 online courses for all important coding languages. The courses are on German or English. Often you can learn for free, a certificate can be purchased additionally.

For beginners just in advance: What is programming

Absolute coding beginner get an initial overview in this free video course (web development, app development, data science).

A fast Overview about the most important languages ​​also give thefirst 10 minutes this video:

Language 1: Java

Platform-independent language that is used, among other things, for PC programs, in the backend of websites, for Android apps and in game programming with LibGDX. Often taught as the standard language in computer science studies.

  • Java crash course on YouTube: Offers a first introduction for beginners in approx. 3 hours (no certificate possible).
  • Java for beginners: German-language intensive course from openHPI. Conveys the most important basics about Java in 4 weeks. Variables, arrays and loops are included as well as the object orientation.
  • Java programming for beginners: Udemy video course in German for beginners without prior knowledge with 100 short video lessons (11 hours in total).
  • Java Programming Basics: Basic course at Udacity over 6 weeks for Java beginners without programming experience.
  • Further information in our extensive list of Java online courses.

Language 2: python

Versatile, dynamic language often used as a scripting language. Great importance in the backend of websites and increasingly also in the area of ​​data science. Often learned by beginners as the first coding language.

Language 3: C.

A widely used language for decades with many areas of application, including in system programming / for operating systems and in industrial applications. Various other languages ​​are based on C.

Language 4: C ++

Extension of the C language (classes and objects), use in system and application programming.

  • C ++ Bootcamp: Video course over 19 hours at Udemy, for beginners without programming knowledge.
  • C ++ - Basic course: Slightly shorter online seminar at LinkedIn Learning in German.
  • C ++ for Programmers: Udacity course for participants with general coding knowledge.
  • Introduction to C ++: Microsoft course on the edX platform, free learning is possible (English with English subtitles).
  • C ++ for C Programmers: Course at the University of California, Santa Cruz at Coursera for participants with previous knowledge of C.
  • C ++ at Pluralsight: Extensive series of courses for all learning levels, from beginners to experts.

Language 5: C # (C-Sharp)

As a further development of C ++, an object-oriented programming language for many coding purposes. Also used in game development with the Unity Engine and in app development for Android and iOS with Xamarin.

  • Learn C #: Short introductory course at LinkedIn Learning (in the paid model).
  • Programming C #: Udemy course with a good 70 lessons, also intended for beginners.
  • Learn C #: Online track from the provider Treehouse with different levels of difficulty.
  • C # at Pluralsight: course series with sub-chapters from beginners to advanced.
  • C # Programming for Unity: English-language course series at Coursera (University of Colorado) specifically for programming games. No previous knowledge required.

Language 6: PHP

Scripting language, important in website creation. The language most frequently used on the server side in this area, for example for database queries.

  • PHP Bootcamp: German-language online course at Udemy lasting around 16 hours.
  • PHP tutorials for beginners: Comprehensive series of video tutorials by a programmer at Lecturio (in German).
  • Building Web Applications in PHP: University of Michigan video course on web development, with PHP as one of the main languages ​​in this context.
  • PHP basic course: online seminar at LinkedIn Learning lasting around 4 hours.
  • Beginner PHP: Programming course at Treehouse, contains PHP as well as the basics of HTML.

Language 7: JavaScript

Scripting language for web browsers, very important for the creation of dynamic websites. Often learned together with HTML and CSS.

Language 8: SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a query language for working with relational databases.

  • Data management with SQL: Free German video course at openHPI on databases and the query language SQL.
  • SQL Bootcamp: Coding lessons in German at Udemy, no previous knowledge required.
  • Database Systems Lecture: The video lecture at the University of Munich describes the theoretical basics of relational databases and also includes an introduction to SQL.
  • Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL): University of Michigan online course at Coursera, part of a web development course series.
  • SQL Database Development: Multi-part course program from Microsoft at edX, but only individual course modules can be attended.
  • Beginner SQL: Treehouse track from 6 compact online lessons.
  • Learn SQL: practical course at Codecademy about SQL queries, functions, etc.
  • SQL for Data Analysis: In this online course, Udacity shows how SQL can be used specifically in the field of data analysis.

Language 9: Ruby

High level programming language, often used as a web server scripting language. The most important framework is Ruby on Rails.

  • Programming with Ruby: German online course at openHPI, accessible free of charge as a self-study.
  • Learn Ruby: Course at the Codecademy online coding boot camp with a total of 10 lessons.
  • Ruby-Track: The course at Treehouse explains the most important concepts in 11 modules.
  • Ruby Developer: Extensive series of courses at the European provider OpenClassrooms (in English).
  • Ruby on Rails: The American Johns Hopkins University gives an introduction to the Ruby-based web framework in this MOOC course.
  • Agile Development Using RoR: In this course series, the University of Berkeley shows how Ruby on Rails can be used in the context of agile software development.
  • Complete RoR Developer Course: Extensive video lessons at Udemy over a total of almost 40 hours.

Other programming languages

In addition to the languages ​​listed above, there are of course countless others Programming Languages

For example, are you looking for online courses Visual Basic (VBA), R, Kotlin (for Android), Swift (for iOS), Perl, Matlab or other topics?

About the Enter in the search field you can find the right video courses in our directory.